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By | January 29, 2020

Dublin Web Design Reveals The Future Of Web Design For Businesses

If you run a business, learning more about the future of web design is going to be very important for your operations in 2020 as there is going to be more competition online than ever before. Your website is often the first chance you get to make an impression on potential customers, so it needs to be at least as good as the websites of your competitors. There are of course a lot of universally accepted dos and don’ts when it comes to website design in Dublin, but as technologies advance, what many people assume will just be short term fades can quickly become mainstream.

An increase in video content and interactive 360-degree images is predicted to be a big web design trend in 2020. As more people gain access to fast internet connections, website designers can start to incorporate features that require a lot of bandwidth. You will see that many new websites have hardly any text on their homepages and instead have video content, high definition photos and live web chat features.

Optimising website for viewing on smaller screens is going to continue to be important for website designers this year. While many businesses want to add as much content as possible to the home page of their websites, they often forget that many people will be viewing the site via a mobile browser. A website can look amazing on a desktop PC with a 32″ monitor, but if it is hard to navigate on a mobile device, the user experience score will plummet leading to high bounce rates and lower conversion rates.

The future of web design is also likely to see primary navigation menus become more simple. While your website might have a lot of content and a lot of pages, you don’t have to link to all of that content in the main menu bar. The sidebar is often a good place to put non-essential links if you are looking to streamline your website’s current primary navigation menus.

The best place to stay up to date with the latest web design trends is arguably on one of the most popular website design blogs. The people behind those blogs tend to be experts in the field with insider connections to companies that shape the web. You will often see new posts published every day outlining how businesses can best design their websites for better future-proofing.

Visiting websites from your closest reveals can also be a great way to learn about what you need to do make your website better in 2020. Don’t be tempted to pay thousands of dollars for a generic website theme. Instead, know that hiring web design services from the professionals is a good option for businesses who don’t have time to invest learning about the best designs and layouts for their sites. The good news is that there is lots of competition in the expert website design industry, so prices for clients are very competitive. Just make sure you research a design agency for trustworthiness before you hand them the keys to your business website.