That Dream You Have…

If we could just instantaneously achieve our biggest dreams without much effort or work it would feel empty, unfulfilling and quite boring if you ask me.

Having dreams is a gift and the process of achieving them is sculpting us into stronger, braver, wiser, deeper, more grateful and amazing beings.

There is a purpose and reason why dreams can be hard to achieve especially if they are big ones.

Our jobs as dreamers is to hold our dreams whatever they may be close to our hearts. Maybe your biggest dream is to heal from an illness, find your soulmate, earn a million dollars per year, open a business for the first time, get a raise, get a promotion, lose 100 pounds, start a ministry or charity or take your family on the vacation of a lifetime.

Whatever your dream may be we all have our own challenges and obstacles (or opportunities as I like to call them) that force us to be more than who we are today.  They are our lessons to learn for this lifetime.

There are certain things we have to do in order to achieve our dreams.  We have to be relentless, we have to stay focused, we have to get really hungry for it and we have to follow the clues.

Success leaves clues and there have been many people before you that have made their dreams come true.

So, today I am encouraging you to look for the clues of success.  Who has already achieved what you want in your life? What did they do, what are they doing now, how did they do it?  What characteristics were necessary for them to achieve their goals? What did they have to let go of? What did they have to believe? What were their struggles?

Get hungry for what you want and follow the clues.  They are everywhere and remember this is a journey.  Enjoy it.

Don’t bring frustration with you while you are achieving your dreams. Bring curiosity, bring excitement, bring joy and you will love the process.

Go for it!  I believe in you!

Cheers, Love & Success

Amanda Brazel

Amanda Brazel, Social Media MarketingSocial Media Lover & Manager, Health Coach, Wife, Mom of 3, Pure Barre Fan, Lover of Life & People!.

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