Create Buzz & Business: 10 St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Marketing Ideas!

164172404St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Marketing Ideas are so much fun and since this holiday is right around the corner, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it’s time to share some gold. It is also a great time to get your fans re-engaged, have some fun and beef up your Social Media Marketing strategy for the big day! Here are 10 great ideas for your social platforms that are better than finding a four leaf clover!

1. Show Your LUCK of the IRISH: ‘Luck’ is a big theme for this particular holiday. Create posts that list reasons why you feel “lucky” and encourage your followers to express why they feel lucky as well!

2. Show Your Green:  Change up your profile picture and/or your cover photos for the week. Make them fun, themed, green, and shamrock-y to show your spirit for the holidays and to ignite the same good spirit in your followers!

St. Pat's TLC

3. Do You Feel LUCKY:  The term ‘the luck of the Irish’ will be all over the social sphere that day. So, have a fun contest and GIVE something away that is relatable to your business.  “Do you have the luck of the Irish today? Like, share, and tell us why you are feeling lucky today for a chance to win a Free Beautiful Shamrock Silver Pendant!”

4. Got Pinterest? Create a St. Patrick’s Day themed board. Pin funny images, party ideas, decorations , fun costumes, recipes and more, then share your board with fans on your other social platforms. This will encourage them to take a peek and follow you on Pinterest too.

5. Attract New Fans with St. Patty’s Hashtags: Use St. Patrick’s Day hashtags on all of your social posts to increase your audience reach! Try hashtags like: #shamrock, #leprechaun, #Irish, #StPattys, and #StPats.

6. Folks Love a Little Trivia: Hold a Trivia contest on all of your social platforms. You can do St. Patrick’s Day themed trivia, or even trivia about your company and services. Have it be a one-day only contest in the spirit of St. Pattys!

7. Post Funny St. Patty’s Day Inspired Photos: Throughout the week start posting the funny images or ‘memes’ that can be shared. Find a great, funny image and post it with an engaging question like, ‘What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on St. Patty’s day?”  Wait for al the funny answers.

8. Post St. Patrick’s Day facts and “Did you know” statements. You can relate them to your brand or just have fun and keep them centered around the holiday. Example: ‘Did you know the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was in Boston in 1737? It’s fun to post these facts on a photo, which makes them more shareable and even Pinable if you are using Google +.

9. Run Weekend Sales! Just because St. Patrick’s Day isn’t much of a gift-giving holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t piggyback on that holiday spirit! Make the sale last through the weekend that most people would celebrate the holiday on (if the actual day lands during the week). Most customers and clients are aware that the holidays are a time for sales and tend to be more on the lookout for those deals.

10. Show Some Spirit! Encourage your co-workers and employees to get into the holiday spirit and dress up! On the day, (or the day you celebrate) take a company picture and post it on your social platforms, wishing your followers a lucky and blessed day!  Behind the scenes photos of you and/or your employees are always crowd pleasers on social networks and help connect your audience to who you are.

May your holiday be blessed and your social platforms witness the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel, Digital Marketing, Social Media

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