Your Daily Instagram Marketing Plan to Grow Followers and Make Massive Sales!

Amanda Brazel, Instagram Marketing, Instagram, Chapel HillBusiness owners either dabble or they have a plan. If you dabble, you get nowhere.  But when you have a plan that you follow…you grow by leaps and bounds.

So let’s create a PLAN!  Here is a proven and successful Instagram Marketing Plan that you can put into action and then SOAR!!!!

HINT, HINT:  I’ve actually created a free step-by-step plan for you below, but I suggest you read the article first.

1. Check Iconosquare: The first thing to do is check Iconosquare and see when your fans are most active. You should always have a variety of times that you post your photos. What I mean is that you should post during quiet times, and also post during your busiest times.

2. Have a Plan: What is your strategy for the week? Do you have a sale event taking place? Do you have a giveaway? Do you have an event? What is going on this week? Plan in advance and create all of your graphics or have them created, so they are ready to go, uploaded and scheduled.

3. Know What to Post When: This is when you want to plan out at what times/days you are going Iconosquareto post each photo. You can either do this manually or you can use to schedule your posts. However, this does take some time and doesn’t always work at this point. So, know what the best times are to post when most of your fans are active.

4. Checking In: Well, if you are a fanatic like me, you are on Instagram a lot. If not, create a schedule for checking in. You could check in for 2 minutes at the top of each hour or you could check in morning, noon and night. Choose a schedule that works really well for you. Remember to ENGAGE! Social Media is SOCIAL! So, be social with your fans and they will LOVE you.

5. Spend 5 Minutes a Day Growing: At the very least, spend just 5 minutes a day making new connections with new people.

followers-36. ManageYour Account:  This means using either have one or both apps to help you follow and unfollow folks. It literally takes seconds.



7. Create a Calendar: The best thing you can do for yourself is to create an Instagram Marketing Plan calendar to keep track of all this.  To make it easier for you, I made a PDF for you below! People are starting to download it like crazy.

  —–> <—

Above is your daily Instagram calendar and planner to help you stay on track, know your best times, days and keep track of your contests, giveaways and promotions.

***Remember, a photo is worth 1000 words, so what do you want to say in those 1000 words? 

I hope you found this article helpful for your Instagram marketing. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel

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