5 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Instagram Marketing!

Instagram Marketing, Amanda BrazelAre you feeling like your Instagram Marketing is a bit chaotic, all over the place and out of control? It can easily happen. Instagram is quickly growing and businesses are scrambling a bit to get a hold of yet another social network.

So, here are several tips that will help you get back control and REALLY get this social network working for you and quickly.

1. Define what your brand/business is about: This is a very important first step and question to ask yourself. You want to be as clear as possible here, that way you can attract the right followers and the right paying clients. I’ve created a worksheet you can PDF download to help you define your brand better.

——>Instagram Define Your Brand<—–

2. Remove photos that are not in flow with your brand: It’s perfectly okay to go back and remove photos that are in right for you, your business or your brand. You want to have a collage of photos that have the right ‘look’.  For example: Take a look at Nordstrom…their look is flawless and cohesive. You don’t see any random photos that do not match their brand. It’s all carefully through out and needs to be. Again, what do you want to say to your fans in each photo?  (I even love how they posted a green bag for St. Patrick’s day – great touch.

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The great part to remind yourself is that improvement here is great, so if you are working it…don’t stress. It’s a process.

3. Do you want to have a business account and personal account? Many businesses need a separate business account and many businesses need to have a personal account with business and personal mixed in. I am one of those business because I am a service based business. I am a consultant, coach, educator and service provider. So, I can easily mix my personal life into my business profile. That way people get a glimpse into my world. This makes it easier so they can trust me, learn who I really am and see that I know what I am talking about.

However, many brands need a stand alone profile just for their business. Especially product based businesses; fashion, luxury candles, event planning, decorating, home staging, jewelry, and more.

For Example, this is what my profile looks like. This one is mixed with business and pleasure. Can you identify what my brand/business is about? Can you tell what I am a about through these images? It’s good to ask yourself and it will help you do the same for yourself.

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4. The difference between marketing and branding. A good way to look at marketing verses branding in my opinion is to think of it this way. Marketing is selling and telling someone to buy your product. Branding is saying “this is who we are and what we stand for, do you too” and if you do feel free to purchase our products because wearing them or using them will represent this.  The great part about branding is you can still ‘market’ and ‘sell’ while ‘branding’ and branding feels better because it is more inviting and fun. So, try branding instead of selling.

5. Create a plan. Your Instagram marketing needs a plan and a strategy just like any other social network. This is important and will help you stay on track. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DROP THE BALL HERE!!!!!!  We are at a crucial point with Instagram. It’s catching a great deal of momentum and you want to do as well. This might mean letting go of a network that is NOT work for you at all even though you are doing everything right.

For example, I have several clients that market on several social networks. After a period of time we look at which ones are working and then we nix the ones that are not. Then we go deeper and focus harder on the ones that are working. That is just good social media marketing business. Don’t get married to a social network. Just date and commit when you absolutely know for sure.

Do you need to take control of your Instagram Marketing? On a scale from 1-10 how would you say your marketing on Instagram is going?  I’d love to hear from you.

——>Instagram Define Your Brand<—–

Cheers, Love and Success,

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