6 Steps to Help Your Business Card Stand Out Among the Rest!

Amanda BrazelRecently I was looking at a stack of about 50 business cards from therapists and doctors.  As I was looking through them I realized that NOT one of these cards stood out to me. Not one grabbed my attention in anyway or made them memorable. So, I thought this week I would write a blog about how to make your business card stand out in the crowd and sea of business of cards.

Step #1: Add your professional head shot or photo. This will surely help your business card stand out among others especially for networking events. It makes you memorable, your conversation memorable and you memorable. So, add a high quality photo to the front of your card.

Step #2: Make your card easy to read. Yes, it’s fun to use scripty or fun fonts, but not when you are reading the telephone number or email address. It becomes very difficult to read and frustrating to the person trying to use it. So, make sure you use clear fonts that stand out.

Step #3: Put more emphasis on benefits rather than your logo. What makes you or your business special? Knowing that information is more important than your logo.  No offense, but you are not Pepsi or Apple. You have a small business and your business card has valuable real estate on it. You’re better off using that space up with what makes you stand out as a business person, therapist, doctor etc. instead of your logo.

Step #4: Get a personal email created. Do not use Gmail, Mindspring, AOL etc. as your email address. Get a professional business email created that matches your website. For example, office@cognitivepsychiatry.com or clientcare@amandabrazel.com etc. Make it easy and professional. This says a lot about you, believe it or not.

Step #5: Add your social media icons.  This is a great way to stand out, get noticed and encourage someone to follow up with you on social media that extends the relationship you’ve just created. Add the icons as well as the links to your Twitter handle or your LinkedIn account. That way you are now linked with this new referral partner forever. You are doing more then just adding another business card to the pile.

Step #6: Add a testimonial to the back of the card. The back of business cards often go unused. Again, this is prime real estate. Most days people look at the back of business cards, I know I do. So, make the most of it and add a testimonial from a client or patient. It GOES a LONG way and helps ‘sell’ you.

I hope these 6 steps were helpful for you as you create and design your next business card. Make them stand out!

Cheers, Love and Success
Amanda Brazel

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