7 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Facebook Live1. Teach, Teach and Teach Some More: 

People LOVE to learn new information and they LOVE to learn through video or now Facebook LIVE. So, if you sell products give a demonstration and if you sell services share helpful information to your audience. Remember that when you go LIVE on Facebook, all of your fans get a notification that you are LIVE. This means you’ve got their attention or will get it later. 

2. Host a Live Question & Answer Segment:

Again, people love to learn about new products or services, so do a LIVE Q&A session about your business. People are able to write in questions in real time and this is a great tool for answering your fans questions right away or later after the live stream is over. For example, let’s say you are a Rodan and Fields Skin Care Consultant like my friend. You can answer your fans questions about their skin type or what products would work best for their specific issues or maybe you are a therapist and can answer questions about how to cope with depression. The topics are really endless.

3. Showcase a LIVE Event:

Does your business host live events or do you go to live events that your audience would love to learn about?  Hit the LIVE button and let your fans watch and learn. (Bonus hint: It’s always a great idea to make sure you announce when you will broadcast ahead of time.)

4. Behind the Scenes:

Fans LOVE to get a glimpse of behind the scenes. For example, one of my clients owns a gym as well as a martial arts academy and he does LIVE broadcasts that include how his students joke around together. It demonstrates their closeness as an academy as well as gives a feel for what’s it’s like to be on the mat together. So, go behind the scenes at your business and show people what you’re really about.

5. Get Real:

People like to get to know the ‘real you’. So, get LIVE at home or on the weekends when you are away from business. You can talk about what you like to do in your down time, talk about your family, share a life story or share a life teaching moment. I like to say that since social media has come on board everyone has the opportunity to have their own bit of fame and as you know by People magazine everyone LOVES to get a sneak peek of famous folks out of character and in their real life. So, get real and show us a bit of who you are in ‘your’ real world.

6. Share a Client Testimonial:

Ask a client or customer to give a LIVE testimonial. We all know by now that referrals are the most powerful selling tool out there. So, why not get a client or customer to give a LIVE one to all your fans? Try it.

7. Interview Someone:

This is another great way to use LIVE streaming on Facebook. Pick a person, pick a topic with questions and ask away. This is a unique and great way to interact with your audience. You can pick a complimentary business, this way they will be likely to share the video with their audience as well.

There are so many ways to go LIVE with Facebook. So, go ahead and get started today! If you need a motivator then set time aside on your calendar each week for a LIVE stream. You will be glad you did.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel,
Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

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