3 Crucial Skills To Look For When Hiring a Social Media Manager!

Amanda Brazel, Social Media MarketingAre you thinking about hiring someone to help you market your small service business using social media? Or have you already hired someone and were unsuccessful?  By now most small business owners realize they have to position themselves in the social world if they want to remain competitive and attract new clients. So, today I am going to share with you what I strongly feel you should be looking for in a social media manager or assistant.

Here are 3 crucial skills to look for when hiring your social media manager. (Now, I am specifically talking to local service based business, such as; Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Restaurant Owners, Store Owners, Life Coaches, Web Designers etc.) These are the types of business owners I work with.

Must #1: They Understand Business or Have Owned Their Own Business: While it’s very important for your manager to understand social media marketing, it’s also crucial that they understand business.  Do they think like an employee or do they think like a business owner?  Those are two huge distinctions and it’s imperative that whomever you hire understands business, has owned a business or currently owns a successful business right now. Business owners think differently and your social media manager should act as if this is their business (in many ways), which simply means they have your best interests at heart all the time.  Otherwise you will be managing this person just like another employee. That is not what you want from your social media marketing manager or assistant. They need to know the fundamentals of what makes business successful without you having to manage and teach. They should be guiding you on what best practices to implement and execute.

Must #2: They Understand Digital Marketing: Again, like I said earlier, it’s important to understand social media marketing, however it is also equally important they understand digital marketing. Anyone can find and post content to your social profiles or add hashtags. That’s the easy part. But do you they understand how to drive traffic to your website?  Do they understand what your website needs in order to make your social marketing and business more successful as a whole?  Do they understand that in addition to social marketing, there are many other aspects that are involved in making this a success for you that include email marketing, opt in/lead building, blogging, as well as social referral partnerships, and even marketing your social profiles offline. These are all aspects of your social media marketing success that most folks just don’t think about. It all works together and you need to think of all these aspects before you hire your assistant or manager.

“Social media marketing success is like baking a delicious cake.  You need to have all the right ingredients in order for it to be successful and there are many aspects including your digital marketing as a whole that contribute to its success!”

Must #3: Understand Social Media Marketing:  Finally, you most definitely need to understand how to market your business effectively on your social channels. Social Media Marketing is RADICALLY different from traditional marketing. There is a lot more involved than just posting motivational or funny photos.  These are ‘social’ networks and they need to be treated that way.  Anyone can find and post content to Facebook or Twitter, but like I said in Must #2 they also must understand how to drive more traffic to your website, position you and your business as the go to expert in your niche, how to gain new fans and followers that are actually in your target market instead of just accumulating likes for the fun of it, they need to understand how to help you build a culture and so much more. Social Media is all about people and when you put these 3 musts together you have a highly skilled and knowledgeable person running your day to day social media marketing needs.

So, if you are in the market for a social media marketing manager to help you please feel free to reach out to us. Our team can help you get to that next level and keep climbing.  Remember this, “Social Media Marketing is not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon!”  And having a skilled trainer can make all the difference in your performance.

Feel free to reach out to clientcare@amandabrazel.com and I will be happy to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see we are a good fit to work together.

Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

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