Improve Your Social Media Marketing by Answering These 11 Uncommon Questions.

Amanda Brazel, Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing is a remarkable tool that has radially changed the way we do business and marketing. However, I find after talking to business owners on a daily basis there is still a great deal of confusion. So, I’ve put a list of 11 questions I recommend you honestly ask yourself and seriously consider the answers as you either tweak your social media strategy or clearly define your strategy before you dive in.

So, here we go!

1. Do you have a clear concise message that can be easily understood in a matter of seconds? In today’s world things are moving at a very fast pace and you only seconds to communicate your message to your potential clients on your website as well as your social media channels. Before you embark on your social media marketing make sure you are clear about what your message is or ask your social media manager to help you create one. This might be your tagline, or a quick and fast description that speaks from the customer’s perspective. For example, ‘A Modern Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Practice for Adolescents and Adults That Focuses on Exceptional Patient Care.’

2. Is your website easy to navigate and user friendly? Your website’s overall appearance and presence is essential to your success for your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. It’s like building a restaurant. Your website is like the restaurant and your potential customers are expecting a certain look, feel, and of course quality food and service. Make sure your website conveys the right image for your business and brand before you invest in social media marketing.  Social Media Marketing does many things for your business. One aspect that your website helps with is by driving traffic to your website and if your website is out-dated, hard to navigate or if folks can’t even understand what you offer…folks will leave quickly and all that time and energy into your social media marketing goes to waste.

3. Is your product or service in demand? Here is a little story to illustrate this point. I was helping a woman that was selling beaded jewelry. Unfortunately, she could not understand that the quality of her jewelry was not in high demand, nor were they priced in such a way that she could ever make significant money from her time and efforts. So, it is really important to take a good look at what you are selling and make sure it’s it’s in demand and meets the needs of your potential client or customer base.

4. Is your product or service highly competitive and if so, what makes your service or product stand out? There are many markets out there that are just saturated and this makes it hard to compete. For example, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Therapists, Insurance Agents, Avon Representatives, Mary Kay Representatives, Essential Oil Representatives, Health Coaches etc. This means your service, brand personality or product will REALLY need to stand out from your competition otherwise your social media presence will just be added to the noise and overlooked.  It’s VITAL and CRUCIAL that you use your creativity, think outside the box and utilize the many tools at your exposure to promote yourself and your personality. The ideas for using social media to grow your business and expand are endless, when you get creative and strategize.

5. Why should consumers work with you or buy your product as opposed to your competitor? It’s important to be crystal clear why people should work with you over others. This should be obvious and evident on your website as well as your social media marketing.  How can this be obvious; your social media marketing is highly active and engaging, you respond to your fans/audience promptly, you have 5 or 5 star reviews on multiple social media websites, the language on your website uses benefit language and again comes from their perspective and not yours.

6. Do you have a marketing budget? Every business should have a marketing budget?  You MUST market your business in order to bring in new business. If you don’t have a marketing budget then you have to get what I like to call your hustle on. I’ve done it before and I’ve created a very successful business from nothing, so I know it can be done and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Once you get your hustle on, grow and have revenue coming in a portion of that revenue must go to your marketing budget. Now, if you have a marketing budget already, that is great! It’s said that your marketing budget should be 20% or more of your revenue. Now, if you know me…one of my mottos is that “Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be effective.” You can market for a $1.00 a day on Facebook. That might not be much, but for that little a day you can still increase your reach and grow your fan base. So, learn how to market effectively and invest in your business. It’s vital to your increased success.

7. What other forms of marketing have you implemented besides social media? Social Media Marketing is a must in today’s day, however it is definitely recommended that you have 6-10 different marketing channels feeding your sales funnel at all times. Don’t ever put all of your marketing energy and money into one basket. Many business owners did that with Facebook and then once Facebook started their pay to play policy folks found their main funnel for marketing plummeted and they found there revenue dropped by half or more. So, diversify your marketing and don’t put all of your eggs into social media marketing.

8. What are your goals for social media marketing and how will you measure your success? The key here is to define what you consider to be success FOR YOU! It’s different for everyone. Some people expect an immediate ROI.  Some people want a HUGE following.  Some want both etc. If you do not define what success means to you and your business it can drive you crazy. So, define what success means to you and be realistic. There is a lot more to social media then just making immediate sales in my professional opinion. It’s developing a loyal following through the right branding, strategies and offerings. It’s driving traffic to your website. It’s improving your SEO. It’s establishing yourself as an authority in your niche and so much more.

9. Do you know what a social media marketing manager’s role is? Many business owners don’t quite understand the role of a social media manager and they expect this person to be responsible for SALES and so much more. For example, I had a recent potential client reach out to me about Instagram marketing. I had to explain to them that as their social media Instagram Marketing Manager I am responsible for managing their Instagram Marketing, engaging with their fans, growing their fan base, creating dynamite giveaways and contest campaigns as well as using tried and true strategies that generate more interest as well as leads to their website. However, the part a social media manager can not control is what your website looks like, how fast or long it takes your customers to receive the products they order, and your social media manager definitely has no control over the quality of the products or customer service on your end. So, as you can see there are MANY aspects of business that make it successful or not and your social media manager only has so much control. They have to do their job/part when it comes to knowing what strategies work and how to market, but you as the business owner also have to do your part.

10. Are you looking to use social media ONLY as a way to receive an immediate ROI or do you understand the long term benefits of a social media presence? The truth is that social media marketing definitely serves as a way to drive more traffic to your website as I mentioned earlier. It’s just like Google Ad Words, however social media marketing can do so much more that Ad Words or Print Ads can not do. It’s about developing strong and loyal relationships with your followers and fans. Showing your fans how you handle problems or obstacles (which do happen) and the better you handle it, the the more loyal they’ll be. I like to look at social media in this way for smaller businesses. In many cases it is just like as if your business was a small celebrity or music band. They have a following and that should always be in the back of your mind as you are creating strategies and running campaigns as well as posting content on your social media profiles. Your fans are what drive sales and your business success.

11.  Do you understand each social media platform and which one your business should be present on? Again, I love talking to business owners and I also get a giggle about what they say to me. Often times their friends have told them something or the business owner has made their own conclusions about social media based on barely using it personally. Sometimes they are partially right, but usually they have a lot to learn. So, before you dive in yourself…think about hiring a consultant, have them examine your business and speak to you about your goals before you embark on diving in. This can save you a great deal of wasted time, money and energy. It’s vital to understand your resources as well as what platforms will give you the most for your time, money and effort.

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