How Should I Email My New Potential Clients or Patients?

Email Marketing, Amanda BrazelThis is a question I often hear from my clients as well other business owners that I speak to, so I thought I would take the time this week to introduce a nice script that you are more then welcome to use for your own.

Taking the time to write emails is time consuming and can lead to just sending over quick one liners, which does not lead to good marketing for your business. Therefore I recommend having a script that you can cut and paste.  With that said, I also believe you should ALWAYS personalize the email a bit to each person that emails you.

So, here is the script that I recently created for several clients. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to take the mold and then make it your own for your specific business.



Thank you for reaching out to Chapel Hill Psychotherapy.

We are happy to give you more information about our practice as well as schedule an appointment should you decide to do so.

First and foremost you will find that our therapists are caring, down to earth and very comfortable to work with.

All of our patients are seen on time and we have scheduling availabilities on Saturdays if you are unable to be seen during regular business hours.

Our waiting room is very homey, comfortable and has complimentary beverages for you to enjoy before your session. There is even a space for your child to play in the event you need to bring him or her with you.

Like many private practices we are out-of-network, which means that when you come to see your therapist you pay the amount due at your appointment. From there if you like, we will provide you with a claim for your insurance carrier and depending upon your benefits you may receive a partial reimbursement for your appointment. Again there are many factors that play into your reimbursement for services. We suggest that you educate yourself on what your plan is. Many times you must meet a deductible before benefits are activated.

The initial appointment is a full hour and your investment is $150. From there you may want to continue with a one-hour appointment for $165 or you can choose a 45-minute appointment for $125. The choice is up to you.

Our specialties are in:

Our first available one-hour appointment is on _________________________ or I have some other times at __________________________ and ________________________.  Please let me know which time works best for you.

We are also always open to speaking on the phone before you come in or to schedule your appointment. Please feel free to contact us at our Durham office at 919-555-5555 or our Cary office at 919-555-5555. If you’d like to speak on the phone first, please feel free to let us know some times that work best for you, so our therapist is available to speak with you.

Thank you again for reaching out to Chapel Hill Psychotherapy. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. What would be a good time for you to begin?

***A few key points…always remember to HIGHLIGHT YOUR BENEFITS of working with you and end your email with a question. (They will feel like they need to answer you.) 

If you have any questions about your specific business, please feel free to reach out to me. I am always here to help.


Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel


5 UNIQUE Low Cost, ‘Non-Saley’ Social Media Marketing Strategies for Health Coaches!

Social Media Marketing, Health CoachesLet’s think outside of the box today and talk about some really fun low cost, creative ways to market your business in a way that is not pushy, in your face, boring or begging people to sign up and buy your service or product.

I see a TON of fitness coaches, health professionals, trainers and nutritionists out there all trying so hard to get the word out in a highly competitive space with little money to market themselves, so this is my way of helping you think outside the b0x and make magic happen!

1. Organize a FREE Fitness Bootcamp for Kids to Fight Obesity:  Arrange a weekly or bi-weekly sessions FREE for kids and their families. Provide a workout, water, health snacks, literature and a weekly lesson about diet and exercise. (Then have a separate booth with additional educational materials about your ‘paid for programs’)  This is an excellent way to inadvertently market to grown ups by giving to their children. Parents are always looking for fun activities for their kids and this would be great. (You could even invite a massage therapist to give FREE chair massages while parents wait…again unique marketing for a health professional.)

2.  Deliver Lunch and Learn to a Local Large Corporation: Each week choose a new local business or large corporation.  Bring in a healthy family style lunch for FREE. Again, teach a lesson, bring in literature and maybe a small gift for each participant to take home with them. In order to get your foot in the door, talk to the powers that be, offer the FREE lunch and help them understand that healthier employees improve productivity.

3.  Start a FREE Weekly Workout at the Park: Each Saturday or Sunday either hire a trained professional (if you’re not) and start a workout program for FREE in a local park.  Then make sure you have a table set up with free tasters of your food (if you have a weightless program), literature and other information that will help folks learn what you do. Encourage people to bring a friend.  Make sure you have balloons and signs so on lookers can come join the fun too.

4. Focus on a Specific Niche. Instead of just offering your services to everyone, pick a niche and a Health Coachestheme.  For example, in the start of the new year you could start to target spring and summer brides with a ‘Bridal Party Slim Down Challenge’. Host a party or event.  You could even add in a contest for the Bridal Party that loses the biggest percentage of fat and give a $500 gift of flowers or a gift certificate to something wedding related as a fun incentive. Another great specific niche to target are moms for a ‘Baby Bounce Back Summer Countdown’ or ‘Divorced Dads Get Fit for Dating’. Choosing a theme and a niche draws more people in because they say to themselves “That’s me, I need that.”  It’s much easier to grab their attention.  Make sense? It’s much more powerful then just offering services or coaching for anyone and it’s actually much easier to get participants as well as clients.

5. Host a Charity Event and Partner up with Other Health Professionals: The first point I want to drive home here is making partnerships with other complimentary health professionals like massage therapists, folks from the healing community, personal trainers, yoga teachers, nutritionists and more! This can easily help you grow by leaps and bounds when you can combine contact lists, as well as do any of these ideas together that I’ve mentioned above. There is power in combining skill sets. So, find the right folks to partner with and make things happen with a charity event.  This does not have to cost a great deal of money and you can even get other larger organizations to help host the event like a school perhaps. Schools always need to raise money.  You will reach a huge audience, you will help your local community and make amazing new connections. So, think about partnering up with a group of other complimentary health professionals and see how you can impact change.

What I want you to REALLY understand here is that instead of just saying to your potential clients, “hey anybody….want to lose weight, want to get in shape, want me to be your coach, want to sign up and buy my shakes or food?”  Instead of all that, you are engaging with your audience by giving them something of value FIRST without mentioning ANYTHING FOR SALE.  You are giving them something they can benefit from, then they can ease themselves into your offer and see if it is for them in a non-salesy and pushy way. It’s less pressure on them and it’s fun. They will also be more apt to be interested and approach you about what you are offering after you’ve peaked their interest with this great free offer.

***Now I also want to give you a dose of reality and help you set realistic goals. This is important to remember…not everyone that joins you for your free event will sign up with you, and the same is true if you ran an ad that you paid big bucks for.  However, you this will help you make connections and build relationships with others, which creates business. Business is all about people and relationship.  They may not buy on the first free event, but they might on the 3rd or 4th. So, keep it up, over deliver and magic will happen.

The Next Steps:

Okay, now that I’ve shared these ideas with you, you might be saying: “These are NOT social media marketing strategies” and I am here to tell you that they actually are. Social Media Marketing is not a replacement for marketing offline…it’s simply a tool to get the word out about your business. Your social media marketing actually might be super duper more successful if you incorporated events and ideas like the ones I mentioned above into your strategy.

It’s so important to be creative and try lots of new ways of marketing and then incorporate that marketing into a variety of mediums many I am going to mention below.


The Big Day: 

Now the event day is here and you have people there!  YAY!!!  Now, you want to capture their information if you don’t already have it. Have a sign up sheet and maybe even a waver (for liability reasons, especially if they are going to participate in physical activities).  Now you can contact them after the event, thank them, ask them if they would like to be added to your monthly or weekly newsletter for health tips, healthy recipes as well as invite them to future events. This part is vital, you don’t want to waste all that hard work and not capture their information.

Final Thoughts:

The truth is there are so many ways to market your business that are creative, fun and low cost.  Have fun with it, think outside the box and stand out. Don’t do what everyone else does and pimp your products or services all day long on social channels. Don’t get stuck there.  As you know to lose weight and get healthy you’ve got to have a plan and you’ve got to get moving.  So, create momentum and energy with creative marketing ideas.

One last piece of advice: when Fedex started and opened for business they only mailed 8 packages on their very first day. Did they give up? NO!  They said, okay we sent 8 packages successfully, now we need to increase their numbers. Imagine if they said, that’s it we failed and closed their doors.

So, don’t give up if you only have a few people show up.  Turn it into a positive and tell them “now you can give them even more one-on-one attention” and REALLY OVER DELIVER!

“Marketing takes trial and error and success is like getting an 18 wheeler started, it takes a little time to get her rolling down the road, but once you do she is really hard to stop.”

I believe in you. Go make great things happen for you, your business and others!

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

Building a Business From Home? Have Kids? Here’s a Little Inspiration To Help You Along Your Way!


Today I am sharing a quick personal message about how hard it can be to build a business while working from home and caring for a family.  The demands on us today are bigger than ever and it can be extremely hard.

So, I hope this offers you a little comfort to know you are not alone and if you are doing your best you are doing GREAT!

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You