Use This Tool to Create Amazing Videos for Your Business

All you hear about is how important video is for marketing your business. But, how can you quickly and easily create videos that provide a return on your investment? Keep reading and I’ll tell you…

You don’t need any technical skills to create amazing videos for your business. All you need is one nifty tool…Animoto. It’s an affordable tool with a 14-day free trial that’s easy to use and allows you to create amazing videos, fast.

Don’t want to show your face in your video? Don’t worry about it! With Animoto you can use images, which makes repurposing content a breeze.

Before you can create a video with Animoto, you need to have an account. Sign up for the free trial (no credit card is required) and you’ll have access to all of the pro features for 14 days. This allows you to try it before you buy it, which is always good.

This tool allows you to create two different types of videos; a slideshow video or a marketing video. From there, you can choose one of the pre-built storyboards. Each one has a few template options to help you decide which one is more relevant to your message.

It’s wise to take some time beforehand to select the images and content you want to use in your video; it just saves time to have everything on-hand before you begin. It does take some time to create your videos.

Tip: Choose your global settings in Animoto before creating your video so that you don’t have to manually make those changes on each slide.

Now it’s time to put your video together based on the template you chose and the message you want to share. Your video doesn’t have to be long; in fact, it can be one image with a quote that runs for 6 seconds to be effective.

Create your free account and start creating amazing videos today! Feel free to contact me for more information, or to a schedule your free no pressure 30-minute consultation.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

Social media is a powerful tool for any business, in any industry. You can make your chiropractic practice more powerful through social media. Follow these 7 social media marketing tips and watch your practice grow!

1. Use Videos

Education is an important part of daily life. What better way to teach your audience than using videos? You can upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook, and you’ll notice that your profiles will become the go-to place for chiropractic education. Facebook Live is a great way for you to share tips, tricks, how-tos and tutorials with your audience in real-time.

2. Q&A Sessions

Many social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, offer live videos, which are perfect for Q&A sessions. You can even broaden your social reach to include Periscope. Going live allows your audience to ask you questions in real-time for you to answer. You can notify your followers on Twitter to participate as well by using a unique hashtag, such as #AsktheChiropractor.

3. Keep Your Branding Consistent

It’s crucial to keep your brand consistent across all marketing avenues to encourage brand recognition and continuity. Be sure that your current logo is being used and that all of your cover photos are consistent with your brand.

4. Use Images

It’s no secret that images are hugely popular on social media and facilitate a great deal of engagement. You can use images to communicate inspirational quotes and share health tips. Images are most often shared by your audience, especially on Facebook, which helps to build your social media presence.

5. Encourage Check-Ins

As a chiropractor, you have a brick-and-mortar practice and should encourage your patients to check in when they visit you. The check-ins will build awareness of your practice on social media and may even bring in new patients.

6. Engage with Your Audience

When a member of your audience mentions your practice or shares content with you, it’s crucial to acknowledge it. Always, always, always reply to every comment, answer every question, and keep the conversation going.

7. Share Content with Your Audience

More than likely, your audience is active on social media, too, so encourage them to submit photos and reviews of your practice. Other members of your audience will view you as the leading chiropractor in your area.

Social media is a great way to grow your practice so don’t hesitate a minute longer. If you’d like to learn more or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

How to Use Instagram Live

How to Use Instagram LiveYou may have noticed that Instagram is adding more and more features that will help you tell your story in different ways. Once these features is live video, which allows you to connect with your audience in real time. But, how do you use it?


How to Start a Live Broadcast

To start a live video, you need to tap on the “Your Story” profile photo at the top of your feed. This takes you into your Instagram Stories and gives you three options:

  1. Live – video that appears after the broadcast ends
  2. Normal – photo or video that disappears in 24 hours
  3. Boomerang – time-lapse video created from a burst of photos

Use your finder to slide over to Live to get started. Be sure you’ve checked your settings before you go live. To do this, tap on the settings gear icon at the top left of the screen. Check these settings to make sure your live video will get the most exposure.

Once you have all of that in order, it’s time to go live! Tap on “Start Live Video” to begin your broadcast. Once your video starts, your audience will be notified that you’re live.

Manage Your Broadcast

Now that you’re live, it’s time to take a look at how you’re performing. You can see the number of viewers and the users who have joined your video. You can even start conversations by starting and replying to comments. This is a great way to get and keep your audience engaged with you.

Want to see how long you’ve been broadcasting live? Tap on the “Live” button at the top left and it’ll show you the length of your broadcast. To see the number of viewers, tap on the button to the right of the “Live” button.

Ending Your Broadcast

When you’re done with your broadcast, simply tap on the end button in the top right corner of the screen. From there, Instagram will show you your analytics on that video, which is the number of viewers. Instagram doesn’t show any analytics from previous stories or live videos so be sure to screen shot this screen. This will help you see how you’re performing with your live broadcasts over time.

Uses for Instagram Live

Now that you know how to go live on Instagram, why would you? There are a number of ways to use this feature in your business, including but not limited to:

Instagram is really making progress and it’s time to take advantage of it. Video is essential to your digital marketing mix so record away. Go live about your brand and what it represents. If you would like to learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love, and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

How to Back Up Your Social Media Content

How to Back Up Your Social Media ContentIt’s wise to make back ups of everything, including your social media content. It’s valuable to your marketing efforts so don’t risk losing it. Social media is always changing and you never know when or if a network will be available. Here’s how you can back up your content.

Save Your Content

I always recommend writing blog posts in Word instead of writing them directly on your website. This accomplishes a couple of things: 1) you get to draft, proof, and edit without making changes to your website, and 2) it creates a back up of your post. Your back up can be saved locally on your machine or in the cloud. Be sure to use a consistent naming convention for these back ups so that you know the title of the piece and where it was published. For example, your filename could be LinkedIn Publisher – Title of Piece – Publish Date.

Back Up Mobile Videos

Whether the video was for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube, it’s important to save a copy after you publish it. Facebook Live allows you to save a copy, depending on the app you use. Instagram and Snapchat also allow you to save your stories. These videos can be used elsewhere and backing them up means you don’t have to spend time searching for them.

Capture Testimonials

This is very important for your business because testimonials can be used for a number of marketing efforts. Be sure to screenshot your testimonials/reviews placed on social media so that you have a copy and can use them in other marketing materials. Jing and Open Screenshot are great programs to use to capture your testimonials.

Download Profiles and Pages

Did you know that you can download a copy of your Facebook data? You can download your data from your personal profile and Facebook will email you when your file is ready. You can do the same thing with your Facebook business/fan page. Twitter will also allow you to download a copy of your entire Tweet history as well as LinkedIn.

Don’t let your social media content get lost, back it up today and you’ll save yourself a lot of worry in the future. Backing up your marketing materials is essential to the progress of your business. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

How to Improve Your Blog with Videos

How to Improve Your Blog with VideosAre your blog posts missing something that you just can’t put your finger on? It’s videos! Combining videos with your written content can help you stand out and keep people coming back for more. Here’s how!




Embed Them

Once you’ve created your video and uploaded it to YouTube, use the embed code to add it to your blog post. Embedding videos into your posts is the most direct way to integrate your content marketing and YouTube videos.

When your posts contain videos, they instantly become more dynamic and engaging. You can also recycle your content ideas in several ways. Posts with videos also generate more inbound links and increased viewership than posts that don’t include videos.

Include Existing

The videos you embed on your blog don’t have to match the post content. As long as the video is relevant to your written content, you’re good to go. Let’s say you’re writing a post about your experience in therapy. You can also include a video about what to expect at your first appointment. The video compliments the written content nicely, which goes a long way with your readers.


If you’re writing a how-to post, include a video tutorial along with your content. Sometimes, written content is a bit difficult to follow and image tutorials aren’t as effective as actually watching someone go through the motions. These types of videos perform very well across all industries and add value for your readers.

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are great but don’t forget about YouTube. Be sure to include links to your website and/or blog in the description section of each video you upload to YouTube. If you would like to learn more, contact me today for your consultation.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel







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How to Create an Instagram Style for Your Brand

How to Create an Instagram Style for Your BrandInstagram is a great way to show off your brand to millions of users. How? How do you create a style for your brand to attract your target audience? It all begins with a well-planned strategy for your visuals.



1. Be Consistent

Building your brand means brand recognition and continuity. You automatically recognize Nike because of the “swoosh” logo. Your brand must be treated the same way. It represents your business, what you do, who you are. Being consistent with your brand increases recognition and continuity, making it easily visible to your target audience.

It’s important to be consistent with your brand by way of using the same fonts, color scheme and logo. You want your audience to immediately be able to identify your brand just by looking at a photo. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing network, this is the perfect avenue to create your signature branding and duplicate it on other networks.

2. Your Signature Filter

Instagram filters make the photos you share look just a bit different, and each filter creates a different effect. You want to create a cohesive look to your photos on Instagram so be sure to be consistent with the type of filter you use. For example, if you like the way the Lark filter makes your photos look, use that filter on most of your photos.

This doesn’t mean you have to always use that filter, however. But, you should use that filter for the majority of your photos. In keeping with the current aesthetic, limit yourself to only a few similar filters so that your audience doesn’t stray.

3. Photo Collages

If you have more than one image you’d like to share, create a photo collage instead of flooding Instagram with individual photos. Collages are great for how-to content or anything that involves a few simple steps. If how-to content doesn’t fit with your business, don’t worry. You can also use collages to tell a story about an event, a milestone, or anything that happens in your business.

4. Tell a Story

Instagram now allows you to record 3- to 60-second videos so that your audience can get an inside glimpse of your business and what you do. Video is a very important component of your marketing mix. In fact, 85% of people who watch videos are more likely to purchase a product. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2019. You don’t want to miss out on that!

Because Instagram is often overlooked by businesses, you have a great opportunity to get in front of your competitors. Don’t think you can do this yourself? Not a problem. Contact me today for your consultation to learn how I can help you create the Instagram strategy your brand needs.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

6 Tips for Social Media Marketing this Holiday Season

6 Tips for Social Media Marketing this Holiday SeasonIt’s the holiday season and our minds are focused on giving, the lights, the cooler temperatures, and the pure happiness that exudes us. It’s very easy to get distracted this time of year, which is why I’ve put together this helpful list of marketing tips.



1. Share Your Story

Sharing the story of your business and brand is a great way to connect with your audience. Use the holiday season to your advantage here and showcase your employees or share photos of your office decorated for the season.

If you’re involved in your community, you could also share any events you sponsor during this season, photos of your community involvement, and so on. The important thing is to tell your brand’s story to your audience.

2. Let’s Get Visual

Social media is about being social and that includes sharing photos, videos, and even animated GIFs. Since it’s the holidays, lights, cookies, and other seasonal items would fare very well on social media. Be sure that your visual content is in line with your brand. Images perform very well on social media and produce a lot of engagement.

3. Create an Emotional Connection

Your content should be engaging and create an emotional connection with your audience. You should be blogging at least once a week so make sure to write about things that will create this connection. Even the content you share on social media should invoke this type of connection. Share stories, tips for combating stress, and more on social to engage your audience.

4. Create Engaging Content

The goal of sharing on social media is to get a lot of engagement. It’s important to be deliberate with the type of content you share. With that in mind, ask yourself the following questions when creating content:

  1. Does it offer entertaining or educational content?
  2. Does it meet the needs of your audience?
  3. Does it stand out or fit within the context of what’s trending or currently being shared?
  4. Does it capture your audience’s attention?
  5. Does it inspire your audience?

5. Go LIVE on Facebook or other Live Streaming Channels

Take full advantage of the plethora of video options currently available. Facebook Live allows you to live stream to your audience, which helps you create a deeper connection with them. This could be a Q&A session, an announcement, showcasing a new product or service, or a few tips and tricks to handle the holiday season like a champ.

6. Mobile Ready

Almost everyone visits social media via a mobile device. In fact, roughly 80% of social media time is now spent on a mobile device. What does this mean? It’s means that you need to ensure that your content is optimized for mobile devices.

We live in such a fast-paced environment and the holidays seem to make the time much faster. It’s crucial to grab the attention of your audience while you can and make the most of it. Social media marketing can seem overwhelming but that’s why I’m here. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need help or would like more information.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

50 Low & NO Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business!

50 Low or No Cost Marketing IdeasMost businesses that struggle and tell me their stories of why they can’t be more successful are usually because they believe they do not have enough money to market their business or marketing their business is too hard.

In today’s economy many small businesses are struggling to get a foothold and the honest truth is it takes hard work and quality skills to get new business.  It’s tough out there and I get that. I really do. But, don’t give up like so many do. Stay tough, learn new skills, practice and put yourself out there. You can do this.

Today as the new year starts I wanted to write you a blog that could help you understand how you can really make amazing things happen for your business when you know all the ways in which you can market it with little or no cost.

Yes, every business needs capital however I know first hand it’s possible to start a business with very little money. For example, my very first business I started with only $200 and within  3 months I was completely booked with clients and within 6 months I was hiring my first 2 employees. Anything is possible if you have the right mindset, product or service and put elbow grease/skills into your marketing.

Now before I share with you my ’50 low and no cost marketing strategies’ I want to make my favorite statement…“Marketing does not have to expensive, but it does have to be effective.”

Here’s my case and point. I worked with a client in Canada. He was paying $12,000 per year for a bill board ad. Before he spoke to me he didn’t get 1 phone call or lead from that ad. After we worked on the ad and made a few minor tweaks he re-did the ad and within the first week he had 4 new leads and 2 new clients. That is what effective marketing can do for you whether you are spending big bucks or nothing at all.

50 Marketing Ideas For Under $200

  1. Referral Partners: Free or for % of sales
  2. Networking Lunches: $50 or less
  3. Business Cards: $50
  4. Email List Renting: .50 per email or $200 per 1000 emails.
  5. Start a Referral Program and reward clients/patients that refer you
  6. Email Your Current Clients: FREE
  7. Door to Door:  Put bags together and deliver door to door. $3.00-$5.00 Per Door 
  8. Ask Regularly for Referrals: FREE 
  9. Facebook Ads: $2.00-$5.00 per day and drive traffic to your website or event.
  10. Car Magnets: $40
  11. Link Exchange Partners: FREE
  12. You Tube Videos: FREE – No Cost Video Marketing Works
  13. Pinterest: FREE
  14. Bags of Gifts and Information: Put small bags together and distribute, for example: Photographer: Deliver enough for preschooler’s parents. Mortgage Broker: Deliver to a Divorce Lawyer or a Financial Advisor.
  15. Local Fairs/Events: $200
  16. Host a Free Educational Evening: Cost of Materials (Do it at home or at a friend’s/client’s.)
  17. Radio Spot: FREE
  18. Publish E-zine Articles: FREE
  19. Podcast: FREE
  20. Webinars: FREE (There are free services or you can buy Go To Webinar for $100)
  21. Publish LinkedIn Articles: FREE
  22. Pre-Recorded Messages on Phone Message: $15 + $39.95 per month
  23. Blogs or Guest Blogs: FREE
  24. Hire a Santa Claus, Partner with a Photographer and Host a Family Event (Easter Bunny)
  25. Internet Ads on Various Websites: $25 – $200
  26. Text Marketing: $50 for 1 Keyword + 500 Texts
  27. Display Post Cards in Local Businesses: FREE to Display $40 for 100 Oversized Postcards
  28. Local TV Show Segment: FREE
  29. Silent Charity Auctions: COG or Services
  30. Write an E-Book: $100 for technical help
  31. Write Magazine Column: FREE
  32. Write Local Newspaper Column: FREE
  33. Volunteer for an Event: $200 or Less
  34. Google Ad Network Browsing Ads: You set price.
  35. Bing Pay Per Click: You set price.
  36. Yahoo Pay Per Click: You set price.
  37. Free Samples: COG
  38. Talk to People: FREE
  39. Mastermind Groups: FREE
  40. Free Website Business Listings: FREE
  41. Share Buttons on Website: $50-$100 (Cost of labor)
  42. Flyers: .49 per flyer
  43. Throw a Party at Your House or Friend’s/Client’s Home: $200
  44. Do Direct Mail Yourself: $40 for 100 Large Post Cards + .49 to mail each piece. Mail a Small Amount of Cards Each Week. (Mail them to referral partners or people that can refer you.)
  45. Street Signs: 15 Street Signs for $200 (
  46. Some Business Conferences: FREE or up to $200
  47. Car Window Decals: $20-$40
  48. Farmers Markets: $20 (one-time) or $125 per year.
  49. Ask Friends & Family to Refer you: FREE
  50. Word of Mouth: FREE

Any one of these marketing strategies can bring in more business…if you understand how to use the tool in the right way. The more successful you are at using the tool, the more successful you will be at attracting new business.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Know who your target audience is before you choose which strategies you will use. Some of these ideas will NOT work for your business, but most of them will.
  2. Have a clear concise message that will move people to take action. Don’t clutter your materials with information that is not important.
  3. Have a specific call to action. (Call Now to Receive a FREE Consultation or Visit this Website to Receive a Free Gift or Giveaway Contest, etc.)
  4. Use Benefit Language. Talk about what results your clients will receive from using your business. Talk to your potential client from their perspective and not yours.
  5. Repetition, repetition, repetition.
  6. Get PASSIONATE about marketing! The more passion, the more energy, the better the return on everything in your life.
  7. Read this blog post about: Weak at Marketing? Learn 5 Key and Crucial Marketing Power Tips That Create Success!

Do you have any specific questions about your business and how to use one of these low cost or no cost strategies?  Feel free to comment below and ask away. I am here to help you.

You Can Do This,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Harness the Power of LinkedIn With These 7 Tips

LinkedIn now has 100 million users in the United States and although LinkedIn has been slow to the party in the social media world, it has recently become more interactive, giving folks the ability to post videos, blog articles and other media in a very powerful way compared to other networks. 

LinkedIn is really blooming, with 40% of LinkedIn users checking in daily. Now it’s not the place for breaking news like Twitter, or the place to photograph your dinner like Instagram. But LinkedIn is a great place to get noticed and by spending just a little time here, you will be nicely rewarded with business, referrals, partnerships, consulting work, new projects and much more. 

So, here are my recommendations to power up on LinkedIn:

1. Make sure you complete your entire LinkedIn profile. Every nook and cranny should be completed and up to date. Act as if you are writing a resume and be creative.  Oh, and I can’t believe I still have to remind folks, but make sure you have a professional head shot. This is not the place to post your photo from your summer vacation hiking through the grand canyon unless you are a the tour guide.  Make sense?


2. Highlight your work. Upload links of blog articles, publications, videos, interviews and even pictures of you in action on the job or at work. This is a great feature that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. Potential employers and clients want to engage with you and see if you are right for them.  They also want to see you as an expert in your field or niche whether that be your next employer or your next client. (*** Secret Tip: Don’t wait until you NEED or are completely DESPERATE for a new referral, new clients or a new job before you power up on LinkedIn…do it now before you need it.) It’s like watering your garden, you don’t wait until it’s about to die before you give it water…you water it daily or weekly. The same is true here. Nurture your career and business. This is for you! 



3. Don’t be afraid to show off and shine. Many of us have the belief that it isn’t a good quality to talk about yourself positively and stand out. Well, in this case you most definitely want to stand out and shine.  Don’t be bashful about your accomplishments. One of my clients had her Harvard degree buried at the bottom and was not highlighting this degree. This is something that should be seen at the very top and noticed right away because obviously this lends itself to a great deal of credibility and authority. So, make sure you put your best work forward and don’t be shy.  (Trust me, you don’t have to be.) People want quality employees, professionals and businesses to work with.)

4. Publish articles directly on LinkedIn. You may or may not have this feature yet, but if you do I recommend you take advantage of it. Writing articles directly on LinkedIn is a powerful way to get the attention of all the folks you are connected with. The first think to note is that whenever you publish an article to your profile your entire network gets a notification. So, they are more likely to read it, see your work and then reach out to you. I’ve already received leads and new business because of this feature. Make sure you write something of value and I recommend writing 1-2 times per week otherwise you might start to irritate your network. That is just something to think about.

Here is an example of the power of publishing on LinkedIn. This article by Dr. Jennie Byrne of Cognitive Psychiatry was published on July 2nd and literally within 3 days over 400 folks had read the article and it was shared another 52 times on LinkedIn. She is highly respected and  recognized as an expert in her field by her peers as well as her patients.


“Publishing on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to get recognized by your network whether you are a business owner or an employee. The goal is to be seen as a knowledgeable resource and when people think of your niche or field of work, they think of you first.”

This can lead to new business, referrals, new partnerships, a new position and so much more.

5. Turn off LinkedIn Profile Changes Updates. You know when you get those little notifications all the time about who updated their profile. Well, let’s say you would like to leave your current company or you just want to improve your profile. Well, each time you edit or alter your profile your network gets updated. Some of this information can be useless and mundane for folks to see or you may want to keep this information private so you don’t send the wrong message to your current employer. So, here is how to turn off this feature.

6. Give Endorsements and Recommendations: People love to get complimented with endorsements and it’s such an easy way to give a little love to the folks you are connected to. However, I don’t recommend you just endorse people blindly. I make sure I know that person, I know of their work or have directly worked with them.

Now that leads to recommendations. Recommendations are much more powerful and they should be given to people you’ve actually worked with. This is the highest compliment. If you receive a recommendation be sure to thank that person and show your appreciation. I like to remind my networks that if someone thanked you in person you wouldn’t stand there and ignore them right? Well, the same is true on your social networks. Always show gratitude, no one likes to feel ignored.

7. Connect, Connect and Engage: Instead of leading with please do this for me when you first message someone…give first. We all know the old adage give and you shall receive. Well, the same is true here. (This is true on any network or in any business.) You need to focus on relationship first before you ask for someone to buy your product, your book or whatever it is that you are selling at the moment. The truth is if you focus on creating quality information that will benefit your network as well as giving your love, appreciation and help…you will get noticed and folks will seek you out.

Now that you’ve read this article, I encourage you to hop over to your LinkedIn profile and give it a makeover. You will be so happy you did and if for some reason you have trouble or are not comfortable navigating the platform, feel free to reach out to me. My team and I are here to support you and can have your profile sparkling in no time. Click here to schedule a complimentary social media inquiry.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel

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7 Step Tutorial for Easy, No Cost Video Marketing…

Today I am going to share an easy, no cost marketing strategy that has dramatically helped one of my client’s attract new business as well as establish herself as an expert in her field among patients and colleagues   Since working together she has tripled her business.  She’s hired 4 new employees and is consistently growing. Video has been a huge part of that growth.

So, today I am going to share with you exactly what I do for my clients, so you can start doing this in your business. Notice this video about Conflict Resolution and how many times it has been viewed below. The amazing thing is that when I wrote this blog it was only at 1722 views and it continues to grow every week.  I update the photo as it jumps and as you can see it has jumped dramatically. Okay, let’s jump into how you can implement video into your marketing strategy.

Dr. Jennie Byrne, Video Marketing

Part 1:  Your video can be recorded right from your Laptop, Desktop or Phone.  You don’t need any fancy equipment or to hire anyone for anything.  No editing is necessary and it doesn’t even need to be perfect. Sometimes in our videos the phone goes off or you can hear the lawn mower outside.  You don’t have to be perfect to make money and do well!  However, I do recommend having a backdrop that represents your brand and business.  If you are a real estate agent or a professional doctor you are not going to want to see a lot of clutter on your desk in the background.  So, notice your surroundings and make sure it is congruent with your business identity.

Part 2:  Pick a topic.  A good rule of thumb is to talk about a problem that pertains to your niche. 156211885For example, in the video by my client she discusses Conflict. Conflict is something that all of us experience and in many cases we experience it everyday in our personal and work relationships. So, we’ve chosen a topic that people resonate with and that even causes pain.  The idea is to choose a pain point or problem that people face and then help them learn how they can solve it. All of us want more pleasure and less pain, that is human nature.

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Part 3:  Keep it short. This is not an hour long tutorial. This is a short clip and I will explain the exact formula in a moment that I suggest you follow. Your video should be 2-5 minutes in length. Sometimes you can go a little longer if you have an extremely grabbing topic to discuss.  You can even do very short 15 second or 30 second clips.  Be creative and play around.  Give a super quick tip.  That is okay too.

Part 4:  The video formula for success.  There is a five part step by step sequence in which you want to talk about your topic.

a.) The first step is to talk about the problem.  For example, people experience conflict in their lives.

b.) The second step is to talk about what happens if this problem is not dealt with or solved. This is where you want to talk about how the problem will get worse.  It’s called twisting the knife.  For example, conflict at work can cause extreme stress if not dealt with, it can cause rifts in friendships and possibly destroy them if you don’t deal with your problems.

c.) The third step is then to talk a bit about the solution and give a few tips on how this problem can be solved.  For example, the Conflict Resolution video shares 6 steps to follow that will easily resolve conflict in a non-aggressive way.

d.) The fourth step is to then talk about how you can get further help or buy the complete guide or information to solve your problem, etc.  This might be where you sell your product or service or make a further recommendation to learn more.  In this video, Dr. Byrne just simply suggests to reach out if you have more questions or need more help.

e.) The fifth step is to give a clear call to action at the end of your video. That call to action might be, contact our office to schedule an appointment, or please email me with questions or click this link to purchase my product etc.  You also want to remember that you only want to give one clear concise call to action.  DON’T make the mistake of asking people to follow you on Facebook and call my office and follow me on Twitter, etc.  Just give one simple instruction on what you want them to do.

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Part 5. Now let’s talk about what will ultimately make you successful with video marketing.  Be consistent.  I can’t stress this enough.  Success if all about consistency.  Don’t just create one video and then never do it again.  Do it regularly.  Preferably once a week, but at least twice a month.  The key to success is consistency.  My client typically records several videos in one sitting and then I take care of the rest.

180471714Part 6.  Now that your video has been recorded what do you do with it?  You want to post your video on You Tube, Facebook, share on Twitter, Linked In, Google + and also email it out to your current leads and/or current clients.  Then go ahead and send it out again and again and again a throughout the year.  Don’t just send it out once!

Part 7.  Several tips to help you get over your fear, shyness or hesitation.  You don’t need to be Brad Pitt, Oprah or Dr. Oz, it’s okay to be yourself.  Just make sure your content is solid.   Practice makes perfect.  The more you do it the better you become.  Soon you will look back at your first videos and be blown away at how much you’ve improved.  Be creative, have fun and let your personality shine.  BE YOURSELF!

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It works!  I believe in you!

Do you know someone that can use help with video marketing? Feel free to share a flare.  Thank you so much!

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel

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