7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

Social media is a powerful tool for any business, in any industry. You can make your chiropractic practice more powerful through social media. Follow these 7 social media marketing tips and watch your practice grow!

1. Use Videos

Education is an important part of daily life. What better way to teach your audience than using videos? You can upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook, and you’ll notice that your profiles will become the go-to place for chiropractic education. Facebook Live is a great way for you to share tips, tricks, how-tos and tutorials with your audience in real-time.

2. Q&A Sessions

Many social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, offer live videos, which are perfect for Q&A sessions. You can even broaden your social reach to include Periscope. Going live allows your audience to ask you questions in real-time for you to answer. You can notify your followers on Twitter to participate as well by using a unique hashtag, such as #AsktheChiropractor.

3. Keep Your Branding Consistent

It’s crucial to keep your brand consistent across all marketing avenues to encourage brand recognition and continuity. Be sure that your current logo is being used and that all of your cover photos are consistent with your brand.

4. Use Images

It’s no secret that images are hugely popular on social media and facilitate a great deal of engagement. You can use images to communicate inspirational quotes and share health tips. Images are most often shared by your audience, especially on Facebook, which helps to build your social media presence.

5. Encourage Check-Ins

As a chiropractor, you have a brick-and-mortar practice and should encourage your patients to check in when they visit you. The check-ins will build awareness of your practice on social media and may even bring in new patients.

6. Engage with Your Audience

When a member of your audience mentions your practice or shares content with you, it’s crucial to acknowledge it. Always, always, always reply to every comment, answer every question, and keep the conversation going.

7. Share Content with Your Audience

More than likely, your audience is active on social media, too, so encourage them to submit photos and reviews of your practice. Other members of your audience will view you as the leading chiropractor in your area.

Social media is a great way to grow your practice so don’t hesitate a minute longer. If you’d like to learn more or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

20 Twitter Rules You Probably Haven’t Heard

Despite being one of the most popular social networks, Twitter is still somewhat of an enigma to most.  Maybe it’s because it seems like the “rules” of social media are always changing. Here are 20 Twitter rules that you should absolutely follow!

1. Recycle & Repeat

If you think people will unfollow you because you’re repeating tweets, think again. Twitter moves so fast that your followers don’t have time to read every tweet so repeat your tweets as often as possible.

2. Vary Your Content

Content is still king and it’s important to vary the content you share. For example, article links are great to share but you shouldn’t only share article links. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

3. Use a Ratio

In social media, numbers are important to determine how your social media is performing. For Twitter, it’s important to use the 30/30/30 rule; 30% original content, 30% retweets, and 30% engagement.

4. Don’t Confuse Your Followers

You’re likely to lose followers if you change up your tweets too much. For example, if you generally post about your business but you start tweeting about a television show, you may see some people unfollow you.

5. Write a Good Bio

Your bio tells your followers who you are. It should tell people who you are, why you’re an authority in your niche, and what your focus is.

6. Don’t Always Promote Yourself

Self-promotion is great but it shouldn’t be your focus. Be sure to tweet content from those in your field or from your colleagues.

7. Be an Individual

Most websites have that little blue button that allows you to retweet content. Don’t just tweet the content automatically; put your own flare to it.

8. Always Read What You Retweet

Don’t get into the habit of retweeting content just to meet that 30% goal. Be sure you read everything you retweet to make sure it’s in line with your focus and it’s well written.

9. Don’t Ignore People

When someone retweets your content or mentions you, do not ignore it! Thank them for retweeting your content or for mentioning you.

10. Shut Down Frequent Retweeters

When you retweet someone else’s content, you may get flooded with their retweets. Turn this off by going to their profile, click on the gear icon, and select “Turn off retweets.”

11. Ignore Spammers

I’m sure you’ve seen those folks who are constantly talking about gaining followers, right? These people are spammers and should be ignored. Don’t follow them back or even acknowledge them if they retweet or mention you.

12. Don’t Stalk

It may seem natural to like and retweet content from someone you’re hoping to connect with, but it’s not necessary. Think about how you would react if someone did that to you.

13. Follow Companies You’re Interested In

You should follow every company you’re interested in working with. You’ll be one of the first to know about open positions, changes, and it’ll help you gain insight into their culture.

14. Use Names

Don’t be afraid to use people’s first names in mentions. You may have to visit their profile to find it, if it isn’t in their handle.

15. Use Emoticons

Communication via text or social media can be misinterpreted but emoticons help get your message across. Don’t be afraid of a smiley face!

16. Don’t Swear

Nothing says you’re unprofessional like swearing so just don’t do it.

17. Be Positive

No matter what’s going on in your life, it’s best to always be positive on social media. We all have problems, but we shouldn’t broadcast them on social media.

18. Use These Tools

These tools are great for helping you up your Twitter game:


19. Use Photos

People love photos, on all platforms. You can use free tools, like Canva, to create Twitter-friendly photos to share with your content.

20. Don’t Repost Instagram Links

If you want your Instagram posts to be shared on Twitter, be sure to create an IFTTT recipe instead of using the original Instagram link. People don’t engage with Instagram links very much so it’s best not to use them.

Now that you have these 20 Twitter rules, it’s time to put them to use. If you would like more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

How to Back Up Your Social Media Content

How to Back Up Your Social Media ContentIt’s wise to make back ups of everything, including your social media content. It’s valuable to your marketing efforts so don’t risk losing it. Social media is always changing and you never know when or if a network will be available. Here’s how you can back up your content.

Save Your Content

I always recommend writing blog posts in Word instead of writing them directly on your website. This accomplishes a couple of things: 1) you get to draft, proof, and edit without making changes to your website, and 2) it creates a back up of your post. Your back up can be saved locally on your machine or in the cloud. Be sure to use a consistent naming convention for these back ups so that you know the title of the piece and where it was published. For example, your filename could be LinkedIn Publisher – Title of Piece – Publish Date.

Back Up Mobile Videos

Whether the video was for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube, it’s important to save a copy after you publish it. Facebook Live allows you to save a copy, depending on the app you use. Instagram and Snapchat also allow you to save your stories. These videos can be used elsewhere and backing them up means you don’t have to spend time searching for them.

Capture Testimonials

This is very important for your business because testimonials can be used for a number of marketing efforts. Be sure to screenshot your testimonials/reviews placed on social media so that you have a copy and can use them in other marketing materials. Jing and Open Screenshot are great programs to use to capture your testimonials.

Download Profiles and Pages

Did you know that you can download a copy of your Facebook data? You can download your data from your personal profile and Facebook will email you when your file is ready. You can do the same thing with your Facebook business/fan page. Twitter will also allow you to download a copy of your entire Tweet history as well as LinkedIn.

Don’t let your social media content get lost, back it up today and you’ll save yourself a lot of worry in the future. Backing up your marketing materials is essential to the progress of your business. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

3 Ways to Recycle Popular Social Media Posts

3 Ways to Recycle Popular Social Media PostsSome of your social media content performs better than others and it only makes sense that you’d want to recycle it on other platforms. How can you do that across the various networks?



Find Your Popular Posts

Each network offers analytics on your content so you can see how it’s performing. To find your popular posts, you’ll need to check each network, as follows:

• Facebook: Insights and click on posts
• Twitter: Analytics dashboard to find top tweets
• Instagram: No built-in analytics but several third-party tools are available, such as Iconosquare

To determine your most popular posts, look for those that have the most engagement. Once you’ve narrowed them down, use the tips below to recycle your content.

Pin Your Top Instagram Photo

Your Instagram content can be pinned to various Pinterest boards to gain extra traffic. You can do this by uploading the popular Instagram photo to your website and pin it. It’s important to pin it directly from your website so that it links back to your page. Be sure to edit the description to make it catchy.

Repurpose Tweets as Graphics

Many popular tweets are stand-alone text quotes, which means its super easy to recycle them. You can add the quote to an appropriate image and tweet it again. Or, you can also use the text quote again and simply add a photo that goes with it. Make sure your image is the correct size for Twitter. If you need help with this, you can use Canva, Adobe Spark, or another image tool to help you choose the correct size.

Turn a Popular Facebook Post into a Blog Post or Video

The Facebook posts that get the most engagement are generally longer posts about opinions, research, or inspiration. If you have a post like that, you might consider turning that post into a blog post. You can then turn your written blog post into a video, which will further increase your traffic.

It’s important to recycle your most popular social media content to gain more traffic. You’ll also increase your SEO and generate more visibility for your brand. You may just increase your leads, too! For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

5 Things You Need Before Starting Social Media Marketing

5 Things You Need Before Starting Social Media MarketingSocial media is wildly popular, whether you have a business or not. Many small businesses still discount the impact social media marketing can have on their marketing simply because they’re not aware of what needs to be done or how to keep up with it. I’ve listed 5 things you need before starting social media marketing so you’re ahead of the game!


You wouldn’t create a business card without a logo, would you? Your branding must be consistent across all marketing channels, online or offline. It’s how you build recognition and awareness for your business. If you haven’t solidified your branding, don’t get into social media marketing just yet. Take some time to devote to finalizing your brand and then get started.


Your website needs to be in order before launching any marketing campaign because you’ll be driving traffic to it. Your website must tell the story of business, what customers can expect from you, be user-friendly and mobile optimized, and be consistent with your brand.


If you don’t know what you’re going to talk about on social media, it’s best not to get involved right now. Your message needs to be consistent across all channels for a few reasons. Your fans or followers want to know that you’re consistent as a business, as a brand. Your message should be synonymous with your business values, vision, and mission. You need to define a clear message to convey to your target audience. Speaking of which, have you done that?

Defined Audience

You know the message you want to convey, but have you defined to whom you want to convey it? You need to have a clearly defined target audience for your marketing; otherwise you’re talking to yourself. You can start this process by asking yourself these questions:

1. Who do I want to serve?
2. What does my business do well?
3. What problem(s) can my business solve?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll have a pretty good idea who your target audience is and you can begin to craft your message. But, no good marketing ever happens without a strategy.


Once you’ve clearly defined all of the above elements, you need to determine the best social media marketing strategy for your business. This strategy must answer the following questions:

1. How often and when will I post?
2. Which social media networks work best for my business?
3. What type of content will my business share?
4. Will I need to hire a social media marketing manager or can I do this on my own?

The answers to those questions will help you build the foundation of your strategy. You may need some help along the way, which is where I come in. I’ll help you determine the best networks for your business and the proper posting times and frequency. I keep up with all of the latest changes in social media so you don’t have to! To learn more or to schedule your consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

3 Killer Secrets That Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Website!

154081787I love Twitter for so many reasons and one big reason I love Twitter is that it is a great resource for driving traffic to your website.  Here are my 3 killer secrets that work like magic and will drive crazy traffic to your website.

Killer Secret #1. Post 12-14 times per day. I know that might make your hair stand on end, but it’s the truth. Facebook is like the suburbs and Twitter is like the city. It moves super fast and if you are only posting a few times a day you are not going to get noticed at all.  With that said, those tweets do not have to always be your own content, but at least 80% of it should be. My tweets consist of blog articles I write, blog articles from others as well as inspiration for my audience.  Mix it up, plan it out and you will have much better success.

Killer Secret #2. Get Noticed. In order to get noticed on Twitter you have to stand out and that means using photos in your tweets (not all the time), but make sure you use Twitter sized photos throughout your day in order to get your blog articles noticed, clicked on, read and then retweeted. Photos work like a charm because ultimately visuals rule in social media. Humans like eye candy and it grabs our attention especially in the busy city of Twitter.

Killer Secret #3. Build Relationships. The only way to really make it in business is by building win-win relationships and that is also true of social media marketing. Find other folks that you love to follow in your niche and share their work. More than likely they will reciprocate and you will get a lot more retweets. Strong relationships are key.

Now in order to drive more traffic to your website you must create your own content that is actually on your website. You obviously don’t want to only share content that other people create all thetime, so if you do not have a blog start creating them. You also want to create content that people really want and need. So, think like your fans and create content that will help improve their life. You will be glad you did!

Have any other questions about the big city Twitter? Please feel free to ask below and I am happy to answer them for you.

Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel

Amanda Brazel


3 Crucial Skills To Look For When Hiring a Social Media Manager!

Amanda Brazel, Social Media MarketingAre you thinking about hiring someone to help you market your small service business using social media? Or have you already hired someone and were unsuccessful?  By now most small business owners realize they have to position themselves in the social world if they want to remain competitive and attract new clients. So, today I am going to share with you what I strongly feel you should be looking for in a social media manager or assistant.

Here are 3 crucial skills to look for when hiring your social media manager. (Now, I am specifically talking to local service based business, such as; Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Restaurant Owners, Store Owners, Life Coaches, Web Designers etc.) These are the types of business owners I work with.

Must #1: They Understand Business or Have Owned Their Own Business: While it’s very important for your manager to understand social media marketing, it’s also crucial that they understand business.  Do they think like an employee or do they think like a business owner?  Those are two huge distinctions and it’s imperative that whomever you hire understands business, has owned a business or currently owns a successful business right now. Business owners think differently and your social media manager should act as if this is their business (in many ways), which simply means they have your best interests at heart all the time.  Otherwise you will be managing this person just like another employee. That is not what you want from your social media marketing manager or assistant. They need to know the fundamentals of what makes business successful without you having to manage and teach. They should be guiding you on what best practices to implement and execute.

Must #2: They Understand Digital Marketing: Again, like I said earlier, it’s important to understand social media marketing, however it is also equally important they understand digital marketing. Anyone can find and post content to your social profiles or add hashtags. That’s the easy part. But do you they understand how to drive traffic to your website?  Do they understand what your website needs in order to make your social marketing and business more successful as a whole?  Do they understand that in addition to social marketing, there are many other aspects that are involved in making this a success for you that include email marketing, opt in/lead building, blogging, as well as social referral partnerships, and even marketing your social profiles offline. These are all aspects of your social media marketing success that most folks just don’t think about. It all works together and you need to think of all these aspects before you hire your assistant or manager.

“Social media marketing success is like baking a delicious cake.  You need to have all the right ingredients in order for it to be successful and there are many aspects including your digital marketing as a whole that contribute to its success!”

Must #3: Understand Social Media Marketing:  Finally, you most definitely need to understand how to market your business effectively on your social channels. Social Media Marketing is RADICALLY different from traditional marketing. There is a lot more involved than just posting motivational or funny photos.  These are ‘social’ networks and they need to be treated that way.  Anyone can find and post content to Facebook or Twitter, but like I said in Must #2 they also must understand how to drive more traffic to your website, position you and your business as the go to expert in your niche, how to gain new fans and followers that are actually in your target market instead of just accumulating likes for the fun of it, they need to understand how to help you build a culture and so much more. Social Media is all about people and when you put these 3 musts together you have a highly skilled and knowledgeable person running your day to day social media marketing needs.

So, if you are in the market for a social media marketing manager to help you please feel free to reach out to us. Our team can help you get to that next level and keep climbing.  Remember this, “Social Media Marketing is not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon!”  And having a skilled trainer can make all the difference in your performance.

Feel free to reach out to clientcare@amandabrazel.com and I will be happy to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see we are a good fit to work together.

Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media…Plus Solid Solutions!

7mistakesWhile this article points out some mistakes, the purpose is not to make you feel inadequate, but rather to help you avoid these very common mistakes so that you can improve your social marketing strategies and generate MORE SUCCESS!

Mistake #1: You have linked several of your social media profiles together. So for example, when you post to Facebook it also posts to Twitter or vice versa.  The honest truth is that every social network is COMPLETELY different and they should be treated that way. Linking your profiles together is like mixing wine, vodka and really good beer all together and then drinking it. YUCK! So, seriously…please STOP doing this. You really aren’t saving yourself any time. You are actually hurting your progress.

Solution: Create a plan or strategy for each network you are 462333211on, preferably with an expert that can help you craft a solid plan.  You will want to have a schedule of what gets posted, the bests times for each type of post, and you MUST plan this in advance. Your strategy should include a variety of content for your audiences. Photos, questions, links, promotions, candid photos of you and your staff and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all the various networks just start with one or two in the beginning. You are better off mastering one or two then mastering none.

Mistake #2: You do not understand how to use hashtags properly or at all.  Here are several common mistakes folks make with hashtags: You don’t know your top 5-10 hashtags for your niche, you are not using them properly, you are using too many each time you post, or you are not using hashtags at all.  ***Okay newbies, here is what a hashtag is and what it does for you: hashtags are like little links that take you to a thread of folks talking about that specific topic.  For example, let’s say the hashtag is #skincare. Well after you click on the #skincare (hashtag) link you will see all sorts of conversations and information about skin care.  Using hashtags appropriately allows you to expand your audience, connect with your peers, potential clients/patients, attract more people to your website or blog, and draw more people in to find you and follow you. They are very valuable to your social success. P.S. Don’t use Hashtags on networks that don’t have Hashtags, i.e. LinkedIn.

Solution: First learn what your top 5-10 hashtags are for your specific niche. Follow the other social media experts and watch and learn. You can always reach out to us for a consultation and we can help you quickly understand what your top hashtags are as well as how to use them appropriately.

186673747Mistake #3: You do not thank folks that give you a raving review on your Facebook business page or other profiles.  I have to say this kind of drives me a little nuts. If you were face to face with one of your clients and they genuinely thanked you for your work or services, would you just give them a thumbs up and then walk away? Or even worse, would you completely ignore them and turn your back to them?  Hell no you wouldn’t!  You would smile and you would graciously say “thank you so much and I appreciate your feedback.”  Social Media is no different. Think about it. Just because you are not necessarily interacting with your fan, client or patient in real time you are still interacting with them, and smart business owners understand those interactions need to be positive experiences.

Solution: Check your profiles regularly for comments, questions, messages and reviews. Immediately answer them and respond.  This is so crucial. Again, if you don’t have the time either assign this task to a trusted assistant in your office or hire a social media agency to do it for you. We manage all of our clients profiles in one software program and everyday (multiple times per day) our team is staying current with their fans. And, if there is something we just can’t answer we ping you a message with a direct link to that message so you and your staff can respond. Engagement and connection is a huge part of social success.

Mistake #4: You’ve hired a young college student to manage your social media because you think they are young and hip therefore they must ‘get it’ because you are old and crotchety and don’t know how to operate all of this technology :-).  Yes, in most cases younger people get how to USE social media and they know how to maneuver the various platforms.  However that does NOT mean they understand how to market your business effectively on social media.  It also doesn’t mean they understand business either. In order for your social media and digital marketing to be successful you need someone that understands business, marketing, and better yet social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is very different compared to other forms of marketing. This is a new business world we are in and there will be a learning curve for many.  So, rethink this strategy if you want success.

Solution: Make sure your social media marketing assistant has access to education and training from top professionals in social and digital marketing industries or hire a reputable agency that has proven results to manage this all for you.

Mistake #5: You only market, sell or post links to your website trying to sell your products/services. HUGE MISTAKE!!!  And, if you are doing this I guarantee you are one of those business owners saying “Facebook hasn’t done a thing for my business.” Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not Facebook…it’s YOUR APPROACH. People DO NOT want to be sold to all day long. They want a RELATIONSHIP with you! They want to CONNECT with you!  They want to LEARN about what you offer. They WANT to see behind the scenes in your business and they want a VARIETY of information from you. So, please STOP just posting or pimping your products all day long.  This really makes you look bad.

Solution: The solution here is the exact same as for mistake #1. Create a plan or strategy for each network you are on, preferably with an expert that can help you craft a solid plan.  You will want to have a schedule of what gets posted when and you will want to plan in advance. Your strategy should include a variety of content for your audiences. Photos, questions, links, promotions, candid photos of you and your staff and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all the various networks just start with one or two in the beginning. You are better off mastering one or two then mastering none.

Mistake #6: You don’t understand social media, so you just decide that your business doesn’t need it. Oh dear, oh 167083000dear, oh dear….yes I hear this too.  Maybe you’ve heard rumors that it doesn’t work, or it is a fad. Please listen in closely, the world wide web is becoming the world wide social web.  Social Media is not going way.  Human beings LOVE connection and that is what social media does in a big way. It connects us to new people, friends, family, brands, businesses, information and more.

Now with that said, I will be the first person to tell you that you do not need to be on every social network and not all businesses should be on Facebook either. However, I can almost GUARANTEE there is a social network out there that you most definitely should be active on and you should be active on the ones where your clients and potential clients are active.  That makes perfectly good sense, right? All networks are different and all cater to different people with different needs. So, figure out which ones those are and get on board fast.

Solution: Learn or hire a consultant. Sit down with a consultant and ask them to talk about the various network differences, ask them what networks they recommend you market on or if you can’t afford to hire a consultant then hop on Google and start asking Google for answers.  I guarantee Google will hook you up with some good answers.

Mistake #7: You are a procrastinator.  You wait and wait and wait.  It’s too overwhelming, I don’t have the time, I am not sure where to start and on and on it goes. STOP!  If you wait, your competition is getting a HUGE leg up here. So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot and get going.

Solution: Jump in. You will start learning faster by getting in, learning your way around and yes even making some mistakes. You can sign up for online classes and learn as quickly as you can or if you don’t have the time for that the other option is to hire a reputable agency that can do it for you.

Do you have specific questions or need help with your social media? Feel free to ask in the comment below or hop over to my Facebook page and ask a question there.  I am always happy to help you GROW!

Cheers, Love and Success,

Are You Making the Same BIG Mistake Many Businesses Made 10 Years Ago?

134945545 (1)In 2001 I started my first business.  This was back in the days when A LOT of business owners took the attitude “I don’t need a website…my Yellow Pages ad…or my brochures…have been working for years.”

I know…that sounds crazy to think about now…but this was a common attitude back then.

Luckily, at that time, I was able to see the power of having a site.  And, because I was “ahead of the curve” compared to most local business owners, I had a huge advantage.  I was able to get to the top of a lot of search engines.  I was able to clearly get my message across.

And, within 6 months, I had more business than I knew what to do with.  My largest competitor even called me to ask what in the world I was doing to grow so fast!

I promise, I’m not saying this to gloat.  My intention is to help you see that a very similar situation is unfolding today.  I want to help you avoid making a similar mistake and I truly, truly, truly hope you will take it to heart!

How many businesses wish they could go back to that time and get ahead of the curve with their website?  Now, everyone is on the web, and it’s harder to stand out amidst all the clutter.

Well, the exact same thing is happening today to so many business owners.  The World Wide Web is transforming into the World Wide SOCIAL Web. 178915467

A lot of business owners are making the same mistakes as a decade ago.  They see that social media is “big” just like they saw the web was getting “big”.  Yet, because they don’t fully understand it, they justify to themselves not getting involved in a big way.

But, the fact is, this train has left the station.  You need to understand social media.  You need to take action.

This is ESPECIALLY true because so many small and local businesses DON’T know what they’re doing when it comes to social media.  They are floundering.  And the very few that ARE doing it well are seeing dramatic results.

That means there is STILL A HUGE ADVANTAGE AND OPPORTUNITY for those that do it right.  You have the chance to get AHEAD of your competition.

I understand this might seem overwhelming to a lot of people.  But, don’t make the mistake of letting that feeling stop you from moving forward and doing what you NEED to do.

Here’s some good news:  I can help.  Contact me at clientcare@amandabrazel.com or 919-539-6451 and we can discuss your needs.  If I can help, I’ll let you know.  If not, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

Passionate Social Media Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Blogger, Cleans Food Enthusiast, Pure Barre Life, Lover of Life and People, Happy Wife and Mom of 3..

3 Tools To Keep Your Social Marketing Fun, Fresh & Alive…

200368993-001I chose the purple cow for this post because it caught my eye, which is the premise for this blog and then I remembered Seth Godin’s infamous book ‘Purple Cow’.

SETH GODIN is the author of 17 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

“In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin says that the key to success is to find a way to stand out–to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins. Being remarkable in business is possible and it doesn’t have to cost anything but your creativity and imagination. This is exactly what I want to encourage you to do in your business.

The bottom line is that our new world of apps, websites, and social media make it so easy to interact with our clients, patients, potential clients and leads in a variety of ways which ultimately have endless benefits for you and your business.

It gives us the freedom to be ourselves, have fun and let our imagination soar which will grab the attention of more clients, leads and fans.

The only obstacle standing in your way is continuing to have a limited imagination and holding yourself back out of fear.  So, start to free yourself from the way you’ve always done it and let yourself branch out into a new world of marketing and doing business with oomph and flare.

So, now let’s talk about three awesome tools to keep it fun, alive and interesting.

1.  AUDIO:  Is another great way to change things up.  I love Sound Cloud.  It’s easy to use, upload and work into your social marketing strategy.  You can use sound cloud on your blog as well as on many social profiles.  Your audio clips can be 30 seconds long or 2-3 minutes long.  Again, think short is sweet.

Ideas: Share tips, strategies, wisdom, inspiration, how to’s, and stories so you can engage, and add value to your fans lives.

2. VIDEO:  Yes, I know you all know about video, but are you using it?  Video is a must.  If you are shy, it’s okay.  Embrace that and practice.  My husband is so quiet and so shy that being an internet marketer was perfect for him until video came along. Then he was forced to do it.  Now it’s easy for him.  So, just get over your fear.  All you have to do is talk about what you know.  I also have another blog post that talks about the exact steps on how to create easy, no cost and no editing video marketing.

Ideas:  Give insider tips on how you do what you do. Share only secrets that you know from working in your industry…you know those dirty little secrets that people would love to hear about.  Be creative and have fun with it. 

3. Flipagram is a super cool app that allows you to create a video clip of photos, photo quotes and it plays to music.  It’s fun and you can use it to tell a story about what you sell of offer.

Ideas:  Tell a story with photos of your products, clients using your products, messages of hope or inspiration etc.

The idea here is to get creative.  Have fun with your social marketing and change things up. I believe in you!

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel

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