13 Ways to Supercharge Your Instagram Marketing BIG-TIME!

superchargeINI LOVE INSTAGRAM Marketing! It’s by far my favorite social network. It’s the first network I check every morning after kissing my husband, hugging my kids and making my first cup of coffee.

I’ve developed amazing friendships with people I’ve never met, I’ve forged partnerships, and have also connected with other colleagues in my niche that have helped my business.  In addition to business, I’ve found great products that I’ve bought and honestly I would never have found those products otherwise. So, simply put…I LOVE Instagram. I love Instagram as a business owner and I love Instagram as a consumer. It’s easy to use and it’s so much fun especially when you use it in a manner that really serves your followers as well as your business.

So, here are some pretty awesome tips that are going to help you super charge your Instagram marketing.

1. Create a Dynamite Bio That Grabs Attention:  I know you’ve heard it before, but still I see so many folks with out a great bio. Your bio is valuable real estate that tells folks about who you are, what you like and/or what your business is about. This is basically your message to the world, expressing why they should follow and connect with you.

Personally, I use my Instagram account for personal and business together. I post many personal photos in order to let people get to know the real me and I mix in my work with inspiration and helpful information that serves others.

Here is an image that reflects how to create a dynamite bio that really grabs attention. Again, YOUR bio should speak about what YOU want it to reflect. This is also something you can change. I’ve changed my bio many times. I enjoy changing it up and bit and find it fun, especially as my likes and new hobbies change. So, play around with it. Make sure you use the extra bolded text and note that it’s NOT a repeat of my name. It’s what I do and my profile user name is my personal name. I also use emoticans to have fun (I love to have fun) and they make, what you LOVE stand out. Remember, people will follow you based on what you love. Like attracts like.

2. Exercise Patience & Don’t Start Inviting Followers After First Setting Up Your Account: Instagram will ask you right away to start inviting folks to follow you, but I recommend you wait and have patience. You can do it later once you are all set up and ready to go. Remember first impressions only happen once and first impressions matter.

So, understand that there are many steps that you will need to set up before you invite followers. Again, first impressions only happen ONCE!

a. As I said above, you need to create your dynamite bio. Make sure you have your secondary name that is different from your profile name and be sure to list our what you love and what you do. There are many many ways to make your BIO stand out. Take time to look at other popular folks that have very large followings on Instagram to get ideas.

b. Then you want to take several photos in order to make sure that when folks see your profile they know immediately what they will be seeing from you if they decide to follow you. Again, first impressions only happen once!  ***One note here that is very important…as the amazing Instagram expert Jenn Herman says, “A picture says a thousand words – so what do you want your Instagram photos to say? What do you want your Instagram message to be?”  I recommend you read her blog post about creating your photos around what you want your Instagram message to be. You DO NOT just want to start taking photos and throwing them up without any thought or strategy.

3. Follow Your Competition:  It’s a great and wise move to follow your competition or the power houses in your industry or niche. This was you can connect with them, learn from them as well as praise them. Social Media can be very generous and even though it may be your competition…in many situations they may even share your content or products. So, don’t be afraid to follow and praise your competition.

4. Repost or Share Photos with Repost App: Download Repost App on your smartphone. This will allow you to easily repost other Instagram followers photos and share them with your audience. Of course this will get the attention of the person’s content you’ve shared. This can do wonders for your business. As I said earlier, Social Media can be very generous when practiced authentically and ethically. This only helps your business and brand when you recognize and celebrate others.

Download the Repost App to your smart phone and then connect it to your Instagram account. From there you can repost photos easily. It’s like sharing on Facebook or Retweeting on Twitter. This credits the person’s photo and allows their followers to learn more about their business or person you are reposting.

Here is a repost of Woof Gang Bakery here in our local community. I love dogs and I love helping local businesses grow!

5. Manage Your Followers: Download one or both of these apps, Insta Followers or Followers. These are paid for apps and they will help you manage your followers. Many folks will start following you just to see if you will follow them back and once you do follow them, they will then quickly unfollow you. So, these apps help you unfollow those folks that are just looking to gain followers but not have a reciprocal relationship. The other purpose for this app is overall manage who you are following or not following as well as other helpful information. Have fun investigating and playing around with them.

6.  Be Creative: Stage your photos, declutter spaces, and pretend to be a photographer (if you’re not one). People LOVE high quality photos and now with smart phones and fun Instagram filters you can make photos look amazing. I always LOVE looking at Shane Barker’s foodie photos and he’s not even a chef or a photographer. Oh, he makes them look so mouth watering.

7. Be You: #BEYOU – Kim Garst says it best with her new book. It’s so important to be yourself, be authentic and be genuine with who you are on Instagram as well as other social media platforms. People will be attract to YOU naturally. Remember LIKE attracts LIKE and many people like to follow someone for a while before they become more invested in them. They want to see the REAL YOU before they buy a product, but once they do get to know you, they start to love you, trust you and become loyal to you.

8: Grow Your Followers Super Fast: This is my #1 tip for growing on Instagram super fast.Typically what I do is find someone that I love to follow that also works in my niche and has a much larger following than I do and then I take a good peek at who they are following and who follows them.  I go through their fans and then pick and choose who I want to follow and connect with.

So, for example…let’s say that you have a small company that sells children’s clothing online. If I were you I would look up other very popular complimentary businesses that have huge followings like Zulily, Hanna Andersson or the like. Then look at who is following that business.  Click on their name, scroll through their photos, like several of them (be genuine) and then give them a follow too.

What happens is your Instagram profile will GET NOTICED because you gave them 3-5 likes on their photos and followed them. If they love children’s clothing and they like your style, than chances are they will start following you too. BAM!  Do this little by little everyday and you will have a massive following before you know it.

(Now, one thing you definitely DO NOT WANT TO DO…is write a comment to them plugging your clothing and telling them to check you out…that is called SPAM and feels so ICKY.) Be casual, be genuine and like what you like.  Believe me, if you have cute clothing and a great business people will want to follow you and ultimately buy from you as well. Hopefully you get my point here. If you want to learn even more than I recommend you read about my other blog post called: Grow FAST On Instagram With These 6 Tips.

9. Tag Big Brands & Get More Fans: It’s simple. Tag BIG brands in your photos here like Dear Lillie did and get new fans when those big brands repost your photo and give you a HUGE shout out. Make sure you are following that brand or person first, then you can tag them. ***Note, don’t be obnoxious about this. Be genuine and use it on occasion, otherwise this could back fire and annoy them. For example, I tagged the famous Kim Garst in this blog post and on Instagram, but now if I did that everyday I think I would start to irritate her and begin to look like a spammer.

10. Grow Your Email List: In my opinion, building your email list is still the best way to sell your services and products. My husband and I have been working with Internet businesses since 1998 and guess what…EMAIL is still the most effective way to bring in sales. So, take it from Sue B Zimmerman, another instafabulous Instagram expert and show off your opt in page and entice your fans to sign up to receive helpful information about your business. This is a perfect example of how to do it well.

11. Ask Fans to Photograph Your Product, Post it to Their Profile and Use Your Special Made Up Hashtag: For example, here I am! Glowbio chose to feature my photo after I bought their product and featured it on my Instagram profile with hashtag #GGS (short for Glowing Green Smoothie.) I LOVE their products and buy them several times a year. I actually even found them on Instagram.  I always feel so refreshed after I do a cleanse with Glow Bio.

However, that aside, this is a great way to get more exposure for your brand, bring more followers on board and even sell more products when you ask your fans to show off your product on their own profile.

12.  Announce Your Blog Posts: Get more folks over to your blog by posting a photo of it and letting them know where to find it. People especially liked the candles in the background here, so have fun with it and be creative.

13. Get Personal: Share behind the scenes or get personal about who you are or what your business is doing. It’s just like celebrities.  People love to see them dressed down with their Starbucks or shopping at the farmers market. So, show your personal side and let people in…even with BIG personal surprises like this one. Someone has a baby bump and her name is Jenn Herman. Jenn is an Instagram expert too, so if you are not following her I recommend you do!  She is instafantastic!

So, start getting creative and having fun with  your Instagram marketing. Have fun, get creative and learn more!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post and if you have a tip that can help other super charge their Instagram Marketing, please share it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


Cheers, Love and Success,

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7 Common Instagram Mistakes With Solid Solutions.

Instagram, Amanda BrazelThere are many ways you can use your business on Instagram. However, there are also many ways you can easily turn people off so they do not want to follow you, which means they obviously will NOT want to do business with you either. This is where some mistakes happen that you can easily avoid. 

Mistake 1. Your account is private, but you are also using it for business: Often I receive a new follower on Instagram. They interact with me, like several of my photos and they ‘may’ even have a great bio about who they are. However, their profile is private. This to me is a big and obvious mistake. I don’t want to follow someone that has a ‘private business’ unless there is some super duper cool reason to have a ‘private only business’.  The truth of the matter is, I can’t REALLY see what you are all about. Photos say 1000 words and if I can’t see any then you really have nothing to say to me at that moment and I quickly move on. Solution: So, if you have a private Instagram account and want to use it for business I recommend that you make is public.  

Mistake 2. You have way too many selfies: Oh the inundated profile with selfies. I am going to be blunt here, but you are not Kim Kardashian.  I don’t want to follow Joe Smith’s selfie show.  I mean don’t get me wrong…I love a good selfie now and again, but selfie after selfie after selfie shouts a very specific message and in my opinion it’s just not a positive one. You are saying LOOK AT ME!  I AM SO IMPORTANT!  You are important, but what you offer others is more important. So, think before you post selfie after selfie. Solution: Wait a bit before you post selfie after selfie and once you become Kim or Kanye, then you can post as many as you like and I am sure your fans will just love it!  Use selfie’s sparingly. I’d say 1 for ever 20 or 30 photos.

Mistake 3. You are only interested in selling and not relationships: Yes, I get the follower that pops over to my profile likes a bunch of my photos, follows me and then when I pop over to peek at their photos I see wrap after wrap (to of course remove my fat & cellulite), or I see how make money easy, or another networking marketing opportunity. This to me is a HUGE turn off and what you are telling me is that you are only interested in ONE THING..SELLING. You are not interested in posting quality photos, you are not interested in telling a story about who you are and what you do.  You are interested in one thing…my money and that is of no interest to me. Instagram is so much more than that. Solution: Build relationships with people and make your profile more about you and your life. Then every once in a while and I mean every one in a while wiggle in what you do for a living by talking about it’s benefits, as well as demonstrating it with short videos as well as photos.

Mistake 4. You have no or very few photos: Now this just might be naïveté, but before you start attempting to grow your followers on Instagram, It’s hard to follow someone that is brand new, barely has any followers and has only 1 or 2 photos that don’t tell me enough about who you are and what you represent. Solution: I highly recommend you post a variety of about 10-15 photos first. That at least gives any potential new followers a chance to see what you are all about. 

Mistake 5. You have no bio: This goes along with mistake number 4….please, please, please complete your bio, especially before you start inviting others to follow you or trying to grow your fans.. Please tell us about yourself…what do you love, what do you like, what do you do, and what type of photos can we expect to see. This is so important. This is basically very valuable real estate and it should be utilized to the fullest. Solution: For example, I use my Instagram account for business and personal use. I like to build relationships with people and I share photos from my entire life. So, my bio lists what I do as well as things I love, like: coffee, dobermans, my family, Hilton Head Island and it also describes my personality a bit too. This helps people get a quick glimpse into who I am and let’s face it…these days you really only have a few seconds to grab the attention of others. So, make the most of it and feel free to change it up. My likes change over time, so I update it to reflect what I am up to. It’s not written in stone and perfection is not required either. 

Mistake 6. You’re selling fake Instagram followers:  This is just so obvious to me. First of all, do not sell fake followers EVER. These are HORRIBLE practices on Instagram and if you are doing this, you will be quickly reported as spam and your account will be removed. The other mistakes is that you might be tempted to buy or have bought fake Instagram followers. Solution: If you are doing this, find a better way to make money. Part two of this solution is  NEVER buy fake followers. It says so much about you and is completely obvious when you barely have any comments or double taps on your posts. Grow yourself organically and if you want to learn how then please check out my blog post that has been shared more than 2000 times. It will help you grow super fast. Lastly, please report any spam to Instagram. They are very diligent about keeping Instagram a wholesome social network that sticks to it’s routes. 

Mistake 7. You come across as glib by only writing one word comments: I notice lately that when I get a slew of new followers they double tap many of my photos and then they write one glib comment like cool, nice or amazing on one photo. Of course this gets my attention and I am curious as to who they are, but I am now feeling like they are this rote robot…just trolling for new fans to follow them and it no longer feels authentic or my best interest to follow them back 

So, let’s think about this in a different way…let’s say you want to make more friends. Your friend tells you something about their life like a new kitten they just brought home or they share a very insightful bit of advice (in this case they are telling you in a photograph on Instagram) and you just respond with nice, or cool and walk away.  Now my question becomes, how strong do you think that relationship with be? Do you think they will feel ‘REALLY’ important to you or that you are ‘REALLY’ interested in them? Probably not. It just makes you sound glib and it makes it obvious that you are just looking for a new follower based on a strategy you were taught. So, instead of writing the short blurb…write something more meaningful and substantial.  It’s better to be more expressive, genuine and conversational as well as, double tap photos you REALLY like.

The truth is the cream in business always rises to the top and wins the day.  Use best practices when it comes to Instagram and your business will sore. Be genuine, be authentic, have integrity and you will build a wonderful loyal community. It is a fabulous platform for sure!!!

Do you need help with your Instagram marketing? Feel free to reach out with questions below and I am happy to answer them for you.

#learnfromamanda #becomeyourbest

Cheers, Love and Success,

7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media…Plus Solid Solutions!

7mistakesWhile this article points out some mistakes, the purpose is not to make you feel inadequate, but rather to help you avoid these very common mistakes so that you can improve your social marketing strategies and generate MORE SUCCESS!

Mistake #1: You have linked several of your social media profiles together. So for example, when you post to Facebook it also posts to Twitter or vice versa.  The honest truth is that every social network is COMPLETELY different and they should be treated that way. Linking your profiles together is like mixing wine, vodka and really good beer all together and then drinking it. YUCK! So, seriously…please STOP doing this. You really aren’t saving yourself any time. You are actually hurting your progress.

Solution: Create a plan or strategy for each network you are 462333211on, preferably with an expert that can help you craft a solid plan.  You will want to have a schedule of what gets posted, the bests times for each type of post, and you MUST plan this in advance. Your strategy should include a variety of content for your audiences. Photos, questions, links, promotions, candid photos of you and your staff and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all the various networks just start with one or two in the beginning. You are better off mastering one or two then mastering none.

Mistake #2: You do not understand how to use hashtags properly or at all.  Here are several common mistakes folks make with hashtags: You don’t know your top 5-10 hashtags for your niche, you are not using them properly, you are using too many each time you post, or you are not using hashtags at all.  ***Okay newbies, here is what a hashtag is and what it does for you: hashtags are like little links that take you to a thread of folks talking about that specific topic.  For example, let’s say the hashtag is #skincare. Well after you click on the #skincare (hashtag) link you will see all sorts of conversations and information about skin care.  Using hashtags appropriately allows you to expand your audience, connect with your peers, potential clients/patients, attract more people to your website or blog, and draw more people in to find you and follow you. They are very valuable to your social success. P.S. Don’t use Hashtags on networks that don’t have Hashtags, i.e. LinkedIn.

Solution: First learn what your top 5-10 hashtags are for your specific niche. Follow the other social media experts and watch and learn. You can always reach out to us for a consultation and we can help you quickly understand what your top hashtags are as well as how to use them appropriately.

186673747Mistake #3: You do not thank folks that give you a raving review on your Facebook business page or other profiles.  I have to say this kind of drives me a little nuts. If you were face to face with one of your clients and they genuinely thanked you for your work or services, would you just give them a thumbs up and then walk away? Or even worse, would you completely ignore them and turn your back to them?  Hell no you wouldn’t!  You would smile and you would graciously say “thank you so much and I appreciate your feedback.”  Social Media is no different. Think about it. Just because you are not necessarily interacting with your fan, client or patient in real time you are still interacting with them, and smart business owners understand those interactions need to be positive experiences.

Solution: Check your profiles regularly for comments, questions, messages and reviews. Immediately answer them and respond.  This is so crucial. Again, if you don’t have the time either assign this task to a trusted assistant in your office or hire a social media agency to do it for you. We manage all of our clients profiles in one software program and everyday (multiple times per day) our team is staying current with their fans. And, if there is something we just can’t answer we ping you a message with a direct link to that message so you and your staff can respond. Engagement and connection is a huge part of social success.

Mistake #4: You’ve hired a young college student to manage your social media because you think they are young and hip therefore they must ‘get it’ because you are old and crotchety and don’t know how to operate all of this technology :-).  Yes, in most cases younger people get how to USE social media and they know how to maneuver the various platforms.  However that does NOT mean they understand how to market your business effectively on social media.  It also doesn’t mean they understand business either. In order for your social media and digital marketing to be successful you need someone that understands business, marketing, and better yet social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is very different compared to other forms of marketing. This is a new business world we are in and there will be a learning curve for many.  So, rethink this strategy if you want success.

Solution: Make sure your social media marketing assistant has access to education and training from top professionals in social and digital marketing industries or hire a reputable agency that has proven results to manage this all for you.

Mistake #5: You only market, sell or post links to your website trying to sell your products/services. HUGE MISTAKE!!!  And, if you are doing this I guarantee you are one of those business owners saying “Facebook hasn’t done a thing for my business.” Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not Facebook…it’s YOUR APPROACH. People DO NOT want to be sold to all day long. They want a RELATIONSHIP with you! They want to CONNECT with you!  They want to LEARN about what you offer. They WANT to see behind the scenes in your business and they want a VARIETY of information from you. So, please STOP just posting or pimping your products all day long.  This really makes you look bad.

Solution: The solution here is the exact same as for mistake #1. Create a plan or strategy for each network you are on, preferably with an expert that can help you craft a solid plan.  You will want to have a schedule of what gets posted when and you will want to plan in advance. Your strategy should include a variety of content for your audiences. Photos, questions, links, promotions, candid photos of you and your staff and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all the various networks just start with one or two in the beginning. You are better off mastering one or two then mastering none.

Mistake #6: You don’t understand social media, so you just decide that your business doesn’t need it. Oh dear, oh 167083000dear, oh dear….yes I hear this too.  Maybe you’ve heard rumors that it doesn’t work, or it is a fad. Please listen in closely, the world wide web is becoming the world wide social web.  Social Media is not going way.  Human beings LOVE connection and that is what social media does in a big way. It connects us to new people, friends, family, brands, businesses, information and more.

Now with that said, I will be the first person to tell you that you do not need to be on every social network and not all businesses should be on Facebook either. However, I can almost GUARANTEE there is a social network out there that you most definitely should be active on and you should be active on the ones where your clients and potential clients are active.  That makes perfectly good sense, right? All networks are different and all cater to different people with different needs. So, figure out which ones those are and get on board fast.

Solution: Learn or hire a consultant. Sit down with a consultant and ask them to talk about the various network differences, ask them what networks they recommend you market on or if you can’t afford to hire a consultant then hop on Google and start asking Google for answers.  I guarantee Google will hook you up with some good answers.

Mistake #7: You are a procrastinator.  You wait and wait and wait.  It’s too overwhelming, I don’t have the time, I am not sure where to start and on and on it goes. STOP!  If you wait, your competition is getting a HUGE leg up here. So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot and get going.

Solution: Jump in. You will start learning faster by getting in, learning your way around and yes even making some mistakes. You can sign up for online classes and learn as quickly as you can or if you don’t have the time for that the other option is to hire a reputable agency that can do it for you.

Do you have specific questions or need help with your social media? Feel free to ask in the comment below or hop over to my Facebook page and ask a question there.  I am always happy to help you GROW!

Cheers, Love and Success,

30 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success for Your Business…

1. Write a matching and dynamite bio or about section on all your social profiles.

2. Invest in professional head shots for your profile photos and use the same one across all your profiles for easy brand recognition.

3. Place your website or landing page URL in your bio or about section in all your social profiles.

4. Develop a four prong strategy: 1. Grow your fans/audience. 2. Get your fans engaged. 3. Drive traffic to your website. 4. Increase your revenue with social media as a marketing vehicle.

5. Create a scheduling calendar for all your profiles. This will make posting much easier.

6.  Invest in a social media dashboard to schedule and manage all of your profiles and analytics.  I’ve used many different software programs and I find Sprout Social to be the easiest to use, has great reporting,and even has an amazing Free App that you can use on the go.  Sprout Social has a 30 day free trial and then a low monthly fee. 

7. Post 3-12 times per day on Facebook.  (First, know the best social media channels for marketing your business.) 

8. Post 3 times per day on LinkedIn.

9. Post 12-14 times per day on Twitter.

10. Post 3-4 times per day on Instagram.

11. Post 3-4 times per day on Google +

12. Check in at least three times a day and respond to your engaged fans.

13. Post a variety of content to engage your fans and followers.

14. Write at least 1 blog per week. Pick a day and time.  Be consistent.

15. Be consistent across all social channels. Your fans are not going to engage with you if you are inconsistent with posting content and engaging.

16. Build partnerships with other like minded and complimentary businesses.

17. Share content from other complimentary businesses and build business relationships. If you give you will also receive.

18. Get creative, think outside the box and have fun with your social marketing.

19. Understand what your brand personality is and make sure your image reflects this.

20. Follow the right people and they will more than likely follow you.

21. Create marketing campaigns once a month or once a quarter around a special event, course, webinar, new product etc.

22. Know your top 5-10 hashtags and use them appropriately.

23. Treat each social network different. So, don’t schedule a post and then send it to all your networks.  Craft each post separately.

24. Use metrics and reporting to measure your progress and make adjustments.

25. Advertise your social media profiles offline on business cards, brochures, signs, events and more.

26. Optimize your website and place your social profile icons in a prominent place, so folks can connect with you socially.

27. Install social profile plugins on the right side of your blog page.

28. Send an email periodically and invite all your clients and/or potential clients to follow you on one social network at a time and offer an incentive or gift for doing so.

29. Read blog posts and other articles about how to market your business using social media.

30. Take an online social media marketing course.  This will help you dramatically.

Do you know other business owners that could use these tips to help them grow?

Cheers, Love & Success,

6 Power Tips for Getting Your Business Started on Instagram!

1185158_10201075323267889_683556088_nInstagram is one of my FAVORITE networks. I’ve been very active there and writing quite a bit about it too. Instagram has brought me great partnerships, new connections, new fans and followers and so much more.

If you are not familiar with this network or what it can do for your business, I definitely recommend exploring it more. Instagram is telling the story of your brand, business and life through photos and short video clips that in many ways look just like they were taken by a professional photographer.  It is fun, very active and even addictive.

Right now, it is the fastest growing social network and named the best place to market brands in 2013.

That trend continues. There are 150 million monthly active members, and over 55 million photos shared everyday on average.

First let me explain the very basics and then I will share my 6 Tips to Help You Get Started on Instagram for Your Business:

The Very Basics:  First you will need to download the Instagram App onto your smart phone device.  I have an iPhone, so I downloaded it from iTunes.  It’s completely FREE.

After you’ve downloaded your app and it is ready to go, click on it, open it up and then set up an your account. You can either choose your personal name or your business name depending on how you want to do this.  Mine is my personal name.  This is important, so choose wisely.  This is not something you can change.

Now for my 6 tips:

1.  Upload a Profile Photo.  Choose one that represents your business and brand personality.  This is very important.  You can also use a logo too.  However, I tend to recommend that you choose a photo of yourself.  People like to connect with people.  Unless you are a HUGE brand like Apple or Pepsi, you might want to consider using a gorgeous photo of yourself.

2.  Write a Dynamic Bio.  This is something that you can change and tweak.  I’ve tweaked mine several times in just months.  But do your best to speak simply and powerfully about who you are and what you do.  I use my Instagram account for personal and business use. I combine them both nicely.  I also use emoticans for fun and a little more pizazz.  I find that some businesses aren’t as exciting as others and in this case you might want to bring yourself into it verse just your business.  Get my drift?

For example, If you are an insurance agent, well no offense, but you might want to put the focus on who you are as a person and then incorporate your business into your strategy here and there rather than putting all the focus on being an insurance agent. On the other hand, if you sell adorable children’s clothing, well that is fun and I would center your Instagram marketing strategy around your business and then do the opposite of what I recommended for the insurance agent.  In this case, the focus is on your business and then you can add yourself in there just a bit. Make sense?  There is a big subtle difference here and it is very important to your overall success and strategy.


3.  Get Comfortable.  Understanding how to use Instagram for your business may seem daunting at first and you might feel lost. It’s okay. Explore a little bit before you announce your on Instagram to your clients and fans. Take some photos, read a little bit more about how to use it for your business or even take an online marketing course. (I am offering one…see below.) Instagram can be an extremely lucrative marketing vehicle for you. But, you will want to know what you are doing first.  Then after you feel comfortable then implement step #4.


“Instagram can be an extremely lucrative marketing vehicle for you. But, you need to know what you are doing first.”


4.  Invite People to Follow You.  Go ahead and connect your profile to all your other networks and profiles.  This willInstagram sidebar allow others to see that you are on Instagram when they explore other social sites. Also, you may even want to make an announcement by sending an email to your clients, leads, friends and other fans. You will want to add an Instagram icon to your website and to your email signature as well. Below is what I use on my website in the right side bar next to my blog and other pages of my website to encourage new followers. (There are plugins that you can use as well.  They will rotate your photos, however I found they interfered with other plugins on my site, so I just use this static collage that I created and linked it to my profile.)

Are you interested in joining my online course
Instagram Business Success, a Step-By-Step Blueprint?

Please click here at clientcare@amandabrazel.com and you will added to our wait-list. Doors will open soon and you will be the first to know.


5.  Follow Popular People in Your Niche:  I recommend following other powerhouses in your niche and industry. This will help you get ideas as well as connect with their fans and followers too.

6.  Use a Description and Hashtags When Posting Your Photos.  Hashtags are great on Instagram.  It’s truly amazing.  You can post a photo and literally have no fans and in seconds have several likes and even comments.   So, understand how to use hashtags and get to know your top 10 related to your niche.  Use them appropriately and don’t over do it. This will be a big part of your strategy when growing your fans.

Will you be incorporating Instagram into your social media marketing strategy in 2014?  I’d love to know and if you do, please hop over and say hello.  I’d love to connect with you and your business.

Cheers, Love and Success,



Facebook Updates Instagram with Instant Messaging In Lieu of Snapchat’s Refusal to Sell…

Instagram DirectSnapchat said no sale and Facebook said, okay we will go ahead and add a new feature to Instagram.  Facebook has now unveiled the new Instagram version that allows a new sharing feature that enables users to direct message photos or videos.

Up until recently we’ve only be able to share our photos or videos on our feed all at once.  However, sometimes there are moments that are meant for one person, or a few close friends: an inside joke among friends, or a picture sent to someone you love just to say hello,” said Instagram in a blog post.



I received several this week with personalized Merry Christmas messages  from several of my Instagram friends.

Instagram direct messaging allows you to send one message up to 15 people.  I think the key here will be to use it sparingly and only to reach out to folks in a genuine way.

I love Instagram and it is my new social media obsession. It’s like telling the story of your life, brand and business through photographs.  There are over 150 million followers on Instagram and according to recent report by Simply Measured, Instagram is the fastest growing social network worldwide.

Do you think people will start taking advantage of this new feature and start spamming?

Thank you for being here with me today.  Happy Instagramming and feel free to reach out and connect with me. I’d love to get to know you better on Instagram! 

Cheers, Love & Success,

5 Tips to EASILY & QUICKLY Grow Your Instagram Followers…Authentically!

Instagram Marketing, Amanda BrazelInstagram is my new obsession. Instagram is a social network that allows you to is tell a story about your life and business through photos.

You can connect with other like minded folks either locally or from across the world and it has been a great resource for me. I’ve been making new connections that have helped me grow my business as well as drive more traffic to my blogs post, other social networks and my website. Not only has this been a wonderful tool for business it has also been so much fun connecting with new folks from around the world about topics I am passionate about.

As I’ve been exploring Instagram I’ved learn several key tips that will help you grow your followers quickly and easily.  So, let’s get started and talk about what will help you grow on Instagram

Tip #1.  Post a snapshot on Instagram and then share it to Facebook and Twitter from Instagram. This will get folks to click on your photo link and that may prompt them to pop over to your profile and start following you. (Hint: you can tweak your comment by deleting some of the hashtags out to meet your 140 characters and to eliminate them from your Facebook posts.) ***First post the photo to Instagram, then go back in and share it after you’ve already posted. Then all you have to do is change the text.

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Tip #2. Share your Instagram profile on other social networks and invite folks to follow you.   A great way to do this is on Facebook and post this: “Are we friends on Instagram yet?  I’d love to connect with you.”  Add a link www.Instagram.com/AmandaBrazel and then put a great photo of your profile to attract new followers, like this.


Tip #3. Add an Instagram plug in to your sidebar on your website or blog.  Another great way to encourage more followers is to have a plug in on your blog or website side bars. While people are visiting your website it’s a great idea to encourage new followers and allows people to access your profile and follow you directly.

instagram plugin

Tip #4. Put an Instagram icon on your website.  Have your web designer add an icon on your website that is linked to your Instagram account.  You never know when people will feel called to connect with you in other ways, that is why it’s good to have your social icons in multiple places. (**Hint: always post your social icons on all pages, and at the top and bottom footers. Many people often make the mistake of making them super tiny and placing that at the bottom of the page.)


Tip #5.  Find people or businesses that interest you and connect. The key here is to visit other people’s or business’s profiles, then start going through their photos and like a bunch of them. Also, make a comment or two. Of course make sure it is genuine and be authentic. People can smell it if you only WANT something. Lead with giving! After you like several of their photos, give them a follow. They will then see that you liked a bunch of their photos because your name will pop up repeatedly in their feed. This is a great way to attract new followers. 90% of the time they will follow you back and if they like your photos they will most likely like a bunch of your photos too. This is an amazing way to grow. Do this for 5 minutes each day. You will grow by leaps and bounds if you implement this tip!

Feel free to pop over and say hello on Instagram…I’d love to connect with you.

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel

Amanda Brazel, Social Media MarketingPassionate Social Media Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Blogger, Pure Barre Life, Clean Foods Enthusiast, Lover of Life & People, Happy Wife & Mom of 3..

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