Over 1300 Shares, 100 New Fans & 25 New Opt Ins in 2 Days….Learn How!

Today I am going to talk about the tremendous power of what it means to truly give and how that manifested over 1300 shares, 100 new fansand 25 new opt ins for my passion page The Healthy Happy Abundant Life.


When you GIVE with the RIGHT intentions amazing things happen!  Let me explain, about a year ago I made a wonderful connection with a business owner on Facebook that has over 39,000 followers.


My intent was genuine and that was to share marketing wisdom with her that I had learned.  Since then she has noticed me, she follows me and on occasion she will give me a shout out to her fans and her followers.


This is what the power of ‘giving first’ and creating partnerships with others really looks like.


Don’t be afraid to give!  Don’t be afraid to reach out and provide knowledge in a way that doesn’t ask for anything back in return.  Stop messaging people to check out your stuff and blah blah blah, follow me, buy from me, etc.  You give marketing a BAD name.  GIVE with the RIGHT intentions.


You will be 100 times more respected and successful.


I believe in you!
Cheers, Love & Success,


Amanda Brazel
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