Sharing 3 Tips On How I Helped a Business Grow From $12K to $250K Per Year In Just 2 Years…

Sharing 3 Tips On How I Helped A Business Owner Grow From $12k to $250k Per Year In Just 2 Years…

164826992Back in 2010 I started working for a small company called Art and Soul by Bercot from Fort Wayne, Indiana (my husband’s home town).   My father-in-law introduced us.  The owner was a very talented high-end children’s clothing designer. She was struggling big time because of the economy and she hadn’t quite figured out what to do yet in the new world of blogging, online marketing and social media.  She was actually about to close her doors when we met.

At that time, I had 5 year old, a 2 year old and newborn at home.  I was a stay at home mom and this was me dipping my toe back in to the business world.  It had been a while since I had done anything business related.  This whole new online world had emerged since I had last sold my business back in 2004.  There was social media, blogging and more…oh my!

I had no idea what I was doing ‘officially’, however intuitively I figured it out and I knew this was amazing. It was amazing because I could connect with people from around the world in ‘real’ time!  WOW!  So, this is my story of how I started helping Art and Soul and how she went from doing only $12,000 per year to over $250,000 per year in just two years time.

My first step was to set up her Facebook page and then get her current clients to start following her.  I did this over a series of weeks in enticing offers and it worked like a charm.  As I began doing this sales went up immediately.  She went from doing about $500-$1000 in a month to doing $10,000 a month IMMEDIATELY and she kept growing and growing and growing from there!   She has since more than doubled her sales and recently sold her business.

It is a great success story and I am sure you’ve heard many of these stories already.  I am also sure you’ve heard these headlines before right?  Small biz making $10K per month, per day, per minute on Facebook!  Okay, but how?  What are they doing?  What is the big secret? How are they possibly doing that?  Well, there are definitely several factors at play here.  However, I am going to talk about the biggest one!  The one that is crucial to ALL businesses and the one that ultimately was the reason for her big turn around in a struggling economy selling a luxury item using social media.

Business Growth

So, what is the strategy that made this happen?  It’s called RELATIONSHIP!  The key is building strong relationship.

I started building a relationship with all the women that were out there shopping for beautiful girls children clothing.  I played games with them.  I asked them questions.  I connected with them.  I communicated with them.  I let them know we truly cared about them and their beautiful little girls.  I made them feel special, important and made this interaction fun, meaningful and so much more.  When there was a problem we took care of it immediately.  We did it professionally and with kindness.  I knew what they wanted and I knew what was important to them.  I got to know them and this created raving fan PAYING CLIENTS that kept coming back for more and more!

Now don’t get me wrong all the tricks, tips and strategies that everyone is talking about is great and many of them are helpful and I am a believer that doing small things well add up.  However, the most important aspect of your business that you need in order to be super duper successful for the long haul is RELATIONSHIP!  You need to give, you need to serve, you need to care, you need to understand and you need to demonstrate that on all your communication with your fans, your followers, and your paying clients.  So, if you are just trying to sell all day long and only talking AT people…you will not grab their attention.  You will turn them off and they will go somewhere else.

GENUINE HUMAN CONNECTION is a powerful, powerful, powerful way to build strong relationships and a strong business.  Especially in a world right now that is truly in pain, struggling and in need of connection. Just look at Oprah’s empire or Dr. Oz’s empire.  That is built on caring relationship and that creates a loyal following.

So, what does genuine human connection look like and how do you build relationship on your social networks?  Good question and here are a few tips to help you understand what you need to start doing in real time.

1.  Interact & Engage!  Start interacting with your fans, clients and followers on a consistent basis as if they are your friend.  Be kind, compassionate and helpful.  Listen closely to what they are really telling you. Support them, uplift them, and give them encouragement.  Ask them about their jobs, their business and their personal lives.  Get to know what they love, what their struggles and challenges are.  Reach in and learn!  Open YOUR heart and give of your heart!  This means responding to their questions and comments on your social profiles religiously.  Not occasionally  but religiously.

2.  Life Them UP!   I taught an online marketing/business course last year to a group of business owners and I helped them see that in any given moment business owners & their staff are either leaving their clients, fans and followers feeling UP, DOWN or NEUTRAL with each interaction.  Engage and interact with your fans in a way that leaves them feeling UP after they interact with your page or with you or with your staff!  This is so important.  One bad experience will require you to make that up 10 fold.  So, focus on lifting people UP and they will want to come back for more!!!

3.  Model Others!  The best gift you can give yourself is to avoid all the distraction and noise out there about the 50 million things you need to do in order to be successful.  Each business is unique, however like I said above…relationship is the key factor to lasting success for ALL BUSINESSES!!  Follow the big guys or gals in your industry and niche that are focused on relationship and model what they do.  You will learn a TON from just modeling them.  Remember not to compare yourself to them.  If you are modeling Oprah or Dr. Oz…understand they have huge operating budgets and a team of employees.  So, keep your scale in perspective, but, model them.  I learn SO MUCH from modeling others.  It is amazing.  And each day you will watch your fan base grow, your clients grow and your  referrals grow!

Remember it’s all about relationship.  Make them strong.  Make them loyal.  Make them lasting!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to connect with me and read my blog post.  I hope you found it insightful and that it will bring value to your life!  I am a big believer in the power of real caring, love, compassion, kindness and service in every aspect of your life.

Please tell me what your biggest success has been in your business? I am listening and would love to hear from you. 😉 

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel

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