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 Your website Has 8 Seconds (or Less) TO Make A Positive Impression On Potential Clients.

Many folks contact me about social media marketing services. However, many times I honestly have to tell them that they really need to update their website before social media or any type of marketing will yield a return.


***Your website is like the outfit you wear to an interview or on your first date with a gorgeous man or woman. It’s your very first impression and it SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOU and in this case…YOUR BUSINESS! 

How does it work?  

1. You get to pick your responsive (adaptable to smartphones & tablets) website, which is crucial.  Google has even stated that responsive websites will get better SEO rankings and ones that do not will be pushed further down the line. From there we will customize your website to your taste. (Colors, layout etc. within the theme’s parameters.)

2. You can have an any amount of stock photos you need for your website at no additional cost.

3.  You can make monthly installments to pay for your website even though YOUR WEBSITE will be LIVE! ***No additional costs, interests or fees.  

4. Your website design/redesign will be a collaborative process in which you will receive my consultation and marketing expertise.

5. Your website will receive a blog page that is optimized for your social media marketing and growing your fan base.

6. Web Design Pricing Starts at $2000 Depending on Your Additional Needs and Desired Features.

BONUSES: You will learn how to use your blog correctly. You will learn how to make minor edits to your website. 

How do I get Started? 

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation about your website by emailing Amanda at:


A Sneak Peek of a Before and After


 Read What Our Clients Have to Say:

Joe“Amanda was recommended to me by a trusted and well-respected colleague. Amanda completely re-designed my website and developed a marketing plan for my mental health private practice in just a little over 2 weeks. She is extremely efficient, goal-directed and knowledgeable about marketing, social media and web-design. Amanda’s passion, energy and inspiration has totally transformed my belief in myself as a business owner as well the potential growth of my business. Amanda is very easy to talk with, she responds to questions promptly and her attention to detail is amazing.

Before working with Amanda, I was truly stuck at figuring out how to grow my business. Now, just after a few weeks of working with her, my website looks professional, she has provided me with endless ideas on how to increase business, and I have passion, energy and optimism that I was not even aware was possible. She immediately makes you feel that she is on your side and part of your team- she is not pushy and makes you feel like you are the most important client she has. This was important to me since I also attempt to make every one of my clients feel like they have my full attention and they are just as important as every other client. In addition to working with Amanda, my clients are constantly commenting on how they love my website and it was what really made them read more in order to get to know me and hire me.”

Joe Rabiega, Licensed Therapist

kip“Amanda is fantastic to work with. She created my website in less than a week, the process was simple, easy and she took the lead. I highly recommend hiring Amanda and her team. She has high integrity and cares about her clients. Not only did I love her work, I received praise for my site from competitors as well as customers. Her expertise in marketing helped bring in more business.”

Kip Brooks (with Brendon Buchard), What Dent, Paintless Dent Repair

1497568_593653940713841_1493658825_n“Amanda is a positive and talented business person. Every idea she implements brings in more clients and repeat business to Our Cleaning Family. Our business has increased by 66% in one year after she created our website and offered us marketing consulting. She is positive, caring and up-lifting. She quickly designed our website, wrote all the content for us and we could not have done this without her.  I tell her that whatever she touches turns into money. Amanda you are the best and it is a great honor to know and work with you. Thank you very much.” 

Andres Perez, Our Cleaning Family

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