Paul McCarthy Cork

By | January 21, 2020

Top SEO Trends For 2020

SEO is constantly evolving with the search engines tweaking their algorithms all the time. While SEO does change, there are certain trends that you need to be aware of. These trends can help you stay on target and adjust your SEO strategy for the year to come.

BERT And User-Focus

Last year, Google launched its BERT algorithm leading a lot of people scrambling to learn how to optimize for this. While optimizing for this algorithm change makes sense, there is another SEO trend that you should focus on. User-focused optimization will help you get a handle on BERT and boost your SEO strategy.

Content has always been a part of SEO and writing for the user is not a new trend. However, the introduction of BERT makes this more important because the algorithm looks at content differently. To ensure that content is optimized correctly, communication with customers is important to find out what they really want.


E-A-T or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is something that Google has been looking at for a while. In the coming year, this will continue and the trend will make it harder for companies with poor reputations to rank well. If any aspect of E-A-T is missing, the website will be penalized.

This will make it harder for websites without the proper expertise and credentials to rank well for YMYL queries. The most important aspect of this trend will be trustworthiness. This is due to the fight against fake news and fake viral content.

Focus On UX And Technical SEO

A big trend to focus on is success in UX or user experience. Overall user experience has a direct link to SERPs, but many people focus only on the experience on their landing pages. In the next year, SEO strategists will need to move beyond this and look at what happens after the user leaves the site.

This will mean a rethinking of drip campaigns and remarketing. It is vital that all customers have the best experience with anything related to the website to improve your UX. According to Google, technical SEO is a key piece of UX.

Good technical SEO is going to be a vital trend in the coming year. This is a good trend to get into because technical SEO is something that helps your website for years to come. It is also something that Martin Splitt spends a lot of time promoting which is a signal itself.

Mobile SEO

This is a trend that should not be surprising as mobile internet use has been on the rise for years. If you want to survive the coming year, you need to fix your mobile issues. Web design should be done with mobile-first in mind and then compatibility with desktops.

There are a lot of trends in SEO that you need to know about. As Paul McCarthy Cork SEO explains some of these trends have been around for a while such as mobile SEO. Others have come from changes in the last year such as SEO for BERT, but they are all important and need to be looked into.