Organically Grow Your Social Media & Business: 7 Must Have Ingredients Your Blog Needs Now!

147751030Do you want to organically grow your social media profiles more consistently?  Do you want to massively increase organic traffic to your website?  Would you like to establish yourself as the ‘go-to-expert’ in your niche and business among colleagues and potential clients or patients?

Well, if you said yes to the above questions then read on because this will make a MASSIVE improvement to your business.  Now, how do I know this?  Because I’ve seen it with my own eyes for myself and my clients.

So, here are 7 action items that I recommend you either share with your web designer or you can do this yourself.  This will most certainly help you accomplish what most business owners want…more organic website traffic, more organic fans and followers on social networks, more authority in their field or niche as well as more business.

Here we grow:  Organically Grow Your Social Media & Business: 7 Must Have Ingredients Your Website Needs Now! (I’ve also included a photo of my blog for a visual of what you will want it to look like.)


1. Write a weekly blog post:  Writing a weekly blog can bring in new business, fans and followers as well as help you increase your search engine optimization, grow on your social networks and establish YOUR business as the go to business in your industry or niche. I’ve seen this with my business as well as our clients. It works.  So, make this a big part of your social media marketing strategy and stop making excuses and talking yourself out of doing this. This is an incredible way to grow your business.  This is also called ‘Marketing’, which is something you either need to do yourself or hire someone to do for you. Experts recommend that established business spend 2 hours a day on marketing their business (newer business 4-6 hours per day.) The benefits this will bring to your business (if done well) will blow you away.

2.  Showcase your social profiles:  This is a must ingredient for sure. How can you expect to grow on social media if you have teeney tiny social profile icons/links on the very bottom of your website.  HELLO!  I visit websites all the time via a blog post or link and there are NO social media icons anywhere or they are teeney tiny at the bottom of the page. You want your social profiles to stand out.  Let folks know what networks you are on and make it easy for them to start following you.  People are not going to dig around to find you.  Trust me, each week you will watch your networks grow and grow if you add this piece.  I recommend adding your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever platforms you are on to the right sidebar of your blog page.


3.  Get Ready, Get Set…Go VIRAL: Yes, your small business can go viral too.  Again, I’ve seen this in my business as well as our clients. Your content can get shared and shared and shared.   It’s incredible, rewarding and fun to see. But first you have to have the best plugin for sharing and that is called the Flare plugin and it works fantastic.  You will want to feature it in three places: the top, side and bottom of each blog post.  Here are some of the benefits of having a high quality share plug in:  1.  It makes it super easy for folks to share your info on their social networks.  2. You will drive a great deal more traffic to your website.  2.  You will drive a great deal of more traffic to your social media profiles.  3.  People will spread the word for you about your business.  4.  Again, you will establish better credibility and more!

4. Get rid of your About Us page:  Instead of that, say Meet John, or Meet Your Team.  That is more friendly and inviting. People have literally written me to say they love that I say Meet Amanda.  That says a lot!  The truth is we’ve all seen the ‘About Us’ page and it is played out. So, change it up and make sure you have a link with your photo and/or your teams photo on the right sidebar.  This is an inviting way to help people learn more about you and this happens to be one of my highest viewed page. So, don’t underestimate the value and benefit of having this stand out.

5.  Encourage comments: End each blog post with a question to your audience and make it easy for folks to respond.  A good quality plug in for this is called Disqus.  This allows folks to comment directly to you.  You can set it so you have to approve every comment, so you don’t have to worry.  Hint: people do not like to respond publicly, so get rid of a Facebook or other social media related plugin.  Most folks don’t want all their comments all over their social networks. So, use Disqus.


6.  Encourage more reading and longer website visits: This is a great feature on your blog that makes recommendations to your audience about what other articles/blogs they might like to read about. It’s called ‘related posts’ and it will provide easy to access links to other articles.  This is also included with the Disqus plugin mentioned above. 


7.  Create an opt in box: Invite new fans to join your free weekly updates, newsletters, free PDF giveaways, reports, or eBook for more information.  This is a great way to build your email list, generate more business, build stronger relationships and establish more authority in your niche. (You will also want to make sure you are consistent and email your fans each week.) I recommend placing this box near the very top of the right sidebar.


So, take action NOW!  Book mark this blog post and call your web designer and optimize your website with153093916 these items.  You won’t regret it.

Remember it’s just like a tree…it first starts with a few seeds, sunlight, water and nurturing.  It doesn’t growovernight, but little by little it grows into a mighty strong tall standing tree that can stand the test of time.

Do you know friends or fans that can benefit from this information?  Please feel free to share a flare!!

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel


Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You