My Personal Story…What I’ve Come to Realize About Business.

IMG_0385Well, here I am back in back in 1999. I was 24 years old and working for a business as a leasing agent at a large apartment community in Wilmington, NC. (This is also where I met the love of my life.) This was such a fun time.

The training we received was excellent and I soaked it ALL in. I only took a few classes here and there in college, so I guess you could say “hard knocks” was my education and it paid off.

The training we received was all psychology (to me) and that was a passion of mine. I loved my boss, she was passionate about helping people. and I love helping people.  As a leasing consultant I was helping people find a great place to live, whether that meant living here at our property or referring them somewhere more suitable.

Well, there came a time when all of a sudden we started to lose a ton of leases. Residents were not renewing their leases and if you do the math, that is a great deal of money each year. We were in shock, because were doing great (after the amazing training I received.)

Well, after asking a few questions we figured out that the folks who were not renewing their leases had dogs and we also discovered that the lake/natural area authorities from across the street were cracking down and not allowing people to let their dogs run off leash anymore. (Interesting, many people with pets were choosing to live there because of the lake and access for their dogs. 

So, now let’s recap…first we uncovered the problem. Then we uncovered why the problem was happening and then my business/marketing mind kicked in and I came up with an idea/solution.

The solution part came from asking the right questions.

***How can we create an area that allows people to let their dogs run free? Obviously this is clearly important to them and it’s so important to them that they are moving away from a place they love to live.

BAM! There you have it. Let’s create a dog park and you know what?  It was the first dog park of it’s kind in our area.

We ran the numbers and $3000 for the fencing verse losing $20,000 immediately? Hmmmmm….. Not a hard decision.

So, we put up the fence and I immediately saved this business $17,000 and as we did the math I saved them over $75,000 based on how many people with dogs were living there and how many were staying.

A HUGE part of business and marketing is problem solving and I LOVE to problem solve…especially when it either saves or makes money. It’s just FUN!

Business and marketing can be fun with the right mindset and attitude. It can also make you A LOT of money and yield great success, if you are creative and ask the right questions.

Before I sign off here also notice, I didn’t dwell on the problem, I didn’t say there is no hope, I didn’t blame the authorities at the lake. I asked the right question, I got a great answer after brainstorming and I took the right actions – with a great attitude.

You can do the same. Dwell on the solutions, ask better questions and focus on coming up with the answers.

Wishing you have a day or night and live in passion with your business. It’s more fun that way.

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Cheers, Love and Success,

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