Harness the Power of LinkedIn With These 7 Tips

LinkedIn now has 100 million users in the United States and although LinkedIn has been slow to the party in the social media world, it has recently become more interactive, giving folks the ability to post videos, blog articles and other media in a very powerful way compared to other networks. 

LinkedIn is really blooming, with 40% of LinkedIn users checking in daily. Now it’s not the place for breaking news like Twitter, or the place to photograph your dinner like Instagram. But LinkedIn is a great place to get noticed and by spending just a little time here, you will be nicely rewarded with business, referrals, partnerships, consulting work, new projects and much more. 

So, here are my recommendations to power up on LinkedIn:

1. Make sure you complete your entire LinkedIn profile. Every nook and cranny should be completed and up to date. Act as if you are writing a resume and be creative.  Oh, and I can’t believe I still have to remind folks, but make sure you have a professional head shot. This is not the place to post your photo from your summer vacation hiking through the grand canyon unless you are a the tour guide.  Make sense?


2. Highlight your work. Upload links of blog articles, publications, videos, interviews and even pictures of you in action on the job or at work. This is a great feature that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. Potential employers and clients want to engage with you and see if you are right for them.  They also want to see you as an expert in your field or niche whether that be your next employer or your next client. (*** Secret Tip: Don’t wait until you NEED or are completely DESPERATE for a new referral, new clients or a new job before you power up on LinkedIn…do it now before you need it.) It’s like watering your garden, you don’t wait until it’s about to die before you give it water…you water it daily or weekly. The same is true here. Nurture your career and business. This is for you! 



3. Don’t be afraid to show off and shine. Many of us have the belief that it isn’t a good quality to talk about yourself positively and stand out. Well, in this case you most definitely want to stand out and shine.  Don’t be bashful about your accomplishments. One of my clients had her Harvard degree buried at the bottom and was not highlighting this degree. This is something that should be seen at the very top and noticed right away because obviously this lends itself to a great deal of credibility and authority. So, make sure you put your best work forward and don’t be shy.  (Trust me, you don’t have to be.) People want quality employees, professionals and businesses to work with.)

4. Publish articles directly on LinkedIn. You may or may not have this feature yet, but if you do I recommend you take advantage of it. Writing articles directly on LinkedIn is a powerful way to get the attention of all the folks you are connected with. The first think to note is that whenever you publish an article to your profile your entire network gets a notification. So, they are more likely to read it, see your work and then reach out to you. I’ve already received leads and new business because of this feature. Make sure you write something of value and I recommend writing 1-2 times per week otherwise you might start to irritate your network. That is just something to think about.

Here is an example of the power of publishing on LinkedIn. This article by Dr. Jennie Byrne of Cognitive Psychiatry was published on July 2nd and literally within 3 days over 400 folks had read the article and it was shared another 52 times on LinkedIn. She is highly respected and  recognized as an expert in her field by her peers as well as her patients.


“Publishing on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to get recognized by your network whether you are a business owner or an employee. The goal is to be seen as a knowledgeable resource and when people think of your niche or field of work, they think of you first.”

This can lead to new business, referrals, new partnerships, a new position and so much more.

5. Turn off LinkedIn Profile Changes Updates. You know when you get those little notifications all the time about who updated their profile. Well, let’s say you would like to leave your current company or you just want to improve your profile. Well, each time you edit or alter your profile your network gets updated. Some of this information can be useless and mundane for folks to see or you may want to keep this information private so you don’t send the wrong message to your current employer. So, here is how to turn off this feature.

  • Click: Privacy & Settings (Under your name on top right of page)
  • Click: Turn on/off your activity broadcasts (under Privacy, center of page)
  • Click to uncheck box: Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies
  • Click: Save

6. Give Endorsements and Recommendations: People love to get complimented with endorsements and it’s such an easy way to give a little love to the folks you are connected to. However, I don’t recommend you just endorse people blindly. I make sure I know that person, I know of their work or have directly worked with them.

Now that leads to recommendations. Recommendations are much more powerful and they should be given to people you’ve actually worked with. This is the highest compliment. If you receive a recommendation be sure to thank that person and show your appreciation. I like to remind my networks that if someone thanked you in person you wouldn’t stand there and ignore them right? Well, the same is true on your social networks. Always show gratitude, no one likes to feel ignored.

7. Connect, Connect and Engage: Instead of leading with please do this for me when you first message someone…give first. We all know the old adage give and you shall receive. Well, the same is true here. (This is true on any network or in any business.) You need to focus on relationship first before you ask for someone to buy your product, your book or whatever it is that you are selling at the moment. The truth is if you focus on creating quality information that will benefit your network as well as giving your love, appreciation and help…you will get noticed and folks will seek you out.

Now that you’ve read this article, I encourage you to hop over to your LinkedIn profile and give it a makeover. You will be so happy you did and if for some reason you have trouble or are not comfortable navigating the platform, feel free to reach out to me. My team and I are here to support you and can have your profile sparkling in no time. Click here to schedule a complimentary social media inquiry.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel

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