Are Your Social Media Business Profiles Turning Fans Away? Find out!

As we all know first impressions matter and whether we realize it or not people are sizing us up in a matter of seconds when they first meet us and now the same is true with social media.  The key about social media is to think about it as a big online networking party, so you want to bring your A game and make sure you’re not turning fans away.

So, I’ve put together a two questions along with several photos that will help you really decide if you need to make some changes.

Question #1: What is Your Brand Personality:  We all have personalities and your social profiles express a personality too. So, the first step is to identify and define what your personality is.  Is your brand or business personality: Hip, Fun, Professional, Warm, Loving, Cool, Relaxed, Healthy, Happy, Grunge, Arty, Spiritual, Loving, Supportive, etc. For example if you are the band KISS, you are going to have a much different vibe than Taylor Swift just like if you are a lawyer your brand and image is going to be much different from a personal trainer or massage therapist.  Get the drift?


Question #2: What do you want your fans, followers, clients and potential clients to sense about you in seconds of seeing your photo(s).  Do you want them to know that you are a strong, successful, powerhouse or do you want them to know that you have a soft, loving, caring and have a warm personality?  Again, a mortgage broker handling my finances needs to have a professional brand identity verses the fun tour guide that is going to take me on a hike through the mountains on vacation.

Photos are very powerful and visuals evoke instant emotion, so think about what you want your first impression to be and make sure they are congruent on all of your social platforms.

Here is an example of a before and after of one of our clients.

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Take a good look at all your social profile photos.  What do they represent about you?  Ask a few people to give you feedback.  As a business owner it always helps to get feedback from others because oftentimes we are just too attached and close to our own businesses.  We all need a new perspective from time to time.

This will help you start to attract more of the right fans and followers as well as make sure you don’t turn off them either.

Cheers, Love & Success,


Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing






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