Instagram Marketing is a MUST for These 3 Industries.

Are you ready to learn what top three industries are the most popular on Instagram?

1. Fashion: According to a recent study conducted by iconosquare, 80% of Instagrammers LOVE fashion. So if you own a retail brick and mortar or an online store you better get on your Instagram social media marketing game and fast.  Instagram is a fantastic place to market!!



2. Decorating: Again, according to the study, a large portion (including me) LOVE decorating. I personally follow a ton of decorators on Instagram. I find products that I buy and I also follow big brand stores that sell home good items. So, again if you are a decorator, have an online store that sells decorative items for the home or home furniture….you NEED to master Instagram and fast. (I would say this might even work for some contractors if you did it right and very strategically.)





3. Culture: Well, now this is very broad and I am going to share with you how I understand what culture means on Instagram.  First, there are a die hard set of Instagrammers that have their own Instagram culture.

There are also many other cultures when it comes to Instagram. Their are cultures of photographers, Doberman lovers (again me…I follow a ton of Doberman profiles), flowers, abandoned buildings, cats, famous places, etc. So, this is a very broad category.

I think many of these profiles may just be for the love of something and some may actually be money makers. It just depends on how you strategize and set up your profile.




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