How to Improve Your Blog with Videos

How to Improve Your Blog with VideosAre your blog posts missing something that you just can’t put your finger on? It’s videos! Combining videos with your written content can help you stand out and keep people coming back for more. Here’s how!




Embed Them

Once you’ve created your video and uploaded it to YouTube, use the embed code to add it to your blog post. Embedding videos into your posts is the most direct way to integrate your content marketing and YouTube videos.

When your posts contain videos, they instantly become more dynamic and engaging. You can also recycle your content ideas in several ways. Posts with videos also generate more inbound links and increased viewership than posts that don’t include videos.

Include Existing

The videos you embed on your blog don’t have to match the post content. As long as the video is relevant to your written content, you’re good to go. Let’s say you’re writing a post about your experience in therapy. You can also include a video about what to expect at your first appointment. The video compliments the written content nicely, which goes a long way with your readers.


If you’re writing a how-to post, include a video tutorial along with your content. Sometimes, written content is a bit difficult to follow and image tutorials aren’t as effective as actually watching someone go through the motions. These types of videos perform very well across all industries and add value for your readers.

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are great but don’t forget about YouTube. Be sure to include links to your website and/or blog in the description section of each video you upload to YouTube. If you would like to learn more, contact me today for your consultation.

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