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Amanda talks about what you can expect from her social media and digital marketing business consultation services as well as process, who this would be great for and shares one of her client’s experiences.

You will receive personal, private and one-on-one support helping your business soar…

This is what you are going to experience.

  • First phone call is free and we will cover the next 4 bullet points.
  • Learn about where you are.
  • Learn where you want to go.
  • Learn what is getting in the way of getting where you want to go.
  • Learn why it’s important to you.
  • Create strategies on how you will reach your goals, which is a collaborative approach.
  • Start working on strategies to achieve your Social and Digital Marketing goals.

***Remember: You do not go from A all the way to Z, you go from A to B to C etc. So, I meet you where you are and then we focus on getting you to the next level through my business consultation process.

So, let’s start a conversation.  If it’s a good fit for us both, we’ll take the next step.  If not, I’ll guide you in the right direction.

Consulting Packages:

3-One hour private consulting session $250.00 paid in full. Payment option is $150 for 2 months. 

6-One hour private consulting sessions $450 paid in full. Payment option is $250 for 2 months. 

Consulting Packages


Consulting & Website Testimonial:  “Amanda was recommended to me by a trusted and well-respected colleague. Amanda completely re-designed my website and developed a marketing plan for my mental health private practice in just a little over 2 weeks. She is extremely efficient, goal-directed and knowledgeable about marketing, social media and web-design.

Amanda’s passion, energy and inspiration has totally transformed my belief in myself as a business owner as well the potential growth of my business. Amanda is very easy to talk with, she responds to questions promptly and her attention to detail is amazing.

Before working with Amanda, I was truly stuck at figuring out how to grow my business. Now, just after a few weeks of working with her, my website looks professional, she has provided me with endless ideas on how to increase business, and I have passion, energy and optimism that I was not even aware was possible.

She immediately makes you feel that she is on your side and part of your team- she is not pushy and makes you feel like you are the most important client she has. This was important to me since I also attempt to make every one of my clients feel like they have my full attention and they are just as important as every other client.

After just ONE MONTH of working with Amanda I exceeded my goal of the number of new patients I wanted to see. She helped me see the way to achieve this goal as well as reignited my passion to do so. Thank you Amanda.”

Joe Rabiega, Licensed Therapist, Owner, Raleigh, NC


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