2013:  The Year to Step Up & Stand Out with Your Marketing.

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Here are some shocking statistics.  

97% of all small businesses will never make more than $250,000 a year.  If you’ve done that, you are in the top 3% and you are to be congratulated.

What makes the difference between a thriving business (in any economy) and one that’s barely surviving?

Answer:  It’s not the product or service; it’s the skills developed and applied by the business owner/leader.

That is the key element.

This event will help you set down a new path with the knowledge and real life strategies that will help you achieve success faster and easier while saving you thousands of dollars.

Here is a portion of what you will learn:

  • How to easily grab the attention of new and repeat business.
  • A fast, easy, no-cost way to attract 100 to 1000 potential new clients as quickly as possible.
  • How to start automating your marketing.
  • Our focus will be on Social Media & Internet Marketing.
  • We are going to work on your business together and have some fun too!

Here are what others have to say about Amanda:

Amanda’s expertise helped me grow my customer base by 177% and my sales by 250%.
“Amanda’s passion and marketing expertise helped me grow my customer base by 177% in less than 2 years without spending a lot of money on advertising .  My sales have increased 250% since working with her.  I highly recommend working with Amanda if you want to grow and make more money.  It was her support and fresh outlook that helped me keep my business alive and begin to flourish once again.  ”

 Kristine Bercot, Owner Art & Soul Boutique | Fort Wayne, Indiana


She helped generate $200,000 in just a few months, plus saved us over $30,000 in lost leases.

“Amanda Brazel, was hired to help my apartment community that fell below 85% occupancy and she was able to increase our occupancy within just a few months bringing in over $200,000 in revenue.

In addition to that increase, she also found ways for us to improve our retention, saving our property more than another $30,000 in leases.  Not only did this help us keep retention higher, but it also helped us attract new prospects to our property.  

 Amanda is also a person who truly cares about connecting and helping others.  She is unlike anyone I have ever met and has a capability to find solutions and opportunity with whomever she works with.”  

 Shirley Register | Property Manager  |  Raleigh, North Carolina


Amanda helped me amass over $83,000 in my first week of business.

“Amanda helped me amass over $83,000 in my first week of business.  Since then she worked with me on social media, advertising as well as helped train other employees that worked for me.  Her knowledge and expertise about marketing and sales is astounding.  She provided detailed techniques and strategies that have helped me launch a very successful business. 

She also helped me get more out of my advertising dollars by implementing minor tweaks, which enabled me to see an immediate return.  I highly recommend working with Amanda, if you want to grow your business, get more out of your advertising dollars and make a substantial amount of more money.” 

Greg Martel, Owner Harbourview Mortgages | Victoria, British Columbia


Amanda is honest and understands the growing & changing landscape of Marketing.

“Amanda is critically aware of what business owners need and her deepest wish is to help them create the marketing strategy that will build their brand and ultimately their revenue stream.  She is honest, helpful and responsive to all of her clients.

Amanda understands the growing and changing landscape of Marketing, and she is able to adapt to the changes quickly and benefit her clients as a result. I highly recommend Amanda both as a Marketing Expert, and as someone to collaborate with. I hope to continue to work with people that are of the caliber that Amanda has attained.” 

 Warren MacDougall, Owner Get U 2 The Top   |  Vernon, British Columbia


Her insights into development and marketing were very helpful.

“Amanda and I worked together in 2011 to develop and market an iPhone app and testing software for adult ADHD. She guided me through the development of the products, focusing on team organization and customer feedback. She also provided guidance on marketing strategies for the products, including Internet marketing, business cards, and postcard mailings.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda. She has an upbeat, energetic personality and very quickly grasped my needs and goals. Her insights into development and marketing were very helpful and she was easily able to translate these insights into advice that I could understand and implement. I would highly recommend Amanda for any small business that is looking to expand their horizons, particularly with regards to Internet marketing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further details on our work together.” 

 Dr. Jennie Byrne, Owner Cognitive Psychiatry   |  Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Listen to Amanda if you want to increase your business.

“I first contacted Amanda to help me with my social media marketing. Not only did she take the time to explain what I needed, but also showed me what I needed to do to get where I want to be. She continues to be both an inspiration as well as mentor for me.

I highly recommend listening to her to advice if you want to increase your business and promote yourself.” 

Clayton Carby, Total Mortgage Management | Gibsons, British Columbia


Amanda helped me grow my Facebook fan base by 81% in just 24 hours.

“Amanda Brazel, understands how to attract more clients and helped me increase my Facebook fan base by 81% in just 24 hours. She is creative and has great ideas. I highly recommend listening to her advice.”

 Krista Lawless, Lawless Brown Mortgage Team | Victoria, British Columbia

When: January 9th, 2012

Where: Free Live Webinar:  Save your seat NOW. 



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Who is Amanda Brazel and why should you listen to anything I have to say:

I want to share with you a little bit about myself as well as talk about a business owner who was about to close her doors back in 2010 and how I helped her not only stay in business, but actually increase her profits by 250% using a no cost marketing strategy I am going to teach you at my evening event.

I am a marketing expert, coach and business owner as well as a mother of 3 beautiful children and a wife to a very supportive and loving husband.

I’ve spent the last 15 years or so raising my children and either running a small business or helping other business owners grow and thrive. I’ve helped business owners across North America make drastic increases in leads, conversions and revenue.

The techniques I teach you will help you put more clients, patients or customers through your door and more money in your pocket. These techniques can be life changing for you when you implement what I show you.

Here is Kristine’s story: She was about to close her doors in 2010 when I first met Kristine. She was frustrated and had lost her passion. However after working with me she was able to take her business to a whole new level. In just three months her bottom line increased 70%, her customer base grew by 177% and now her income has increased by 250% in less than 2 years. She’s expanded her market, her brand and has hired new full-time employees. She is no longer worried about getting new customers or clients because she has a strategy that works.

Whatever business you are in and whatever your reasons for wanting to grow and achieve higher levels of success, I will help you achieve it faster and without losing money on wasted efforts that don’t work. Guaranteed!

I have a high level of integrity as well as extensive personal and business development training. So, if you are ready to grow then I hope you will join me for a very informative and powerful evening.

Wishing you great success,

Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You