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Paul McCarthy Cork

Top SEO Trends For 2020 SEO is constantly evolving with the search engines tweaking their algorithms all the time. While SEO does change, there are certain trends that you need to be aware of. These trends can help you stay on target and adjust your SEO strategy for the year to come. BERT And User-Focus… Read More »

Belfast SEO

A 2020 SEO Guide For Beginners In 2020, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a creative, technical and analytical process that is designed to improve a website’s visibility in the search engines. The main function of SEO is to bring more unpaid traffic to a website and to have that traffic convert into sales. SEO… Read More »

Dublin SEO Agencies

Working With An SEO Agency In Dublin – Consider The Benefits It is pretty easy to decide whether you should be working with Dublin SEO agencies. Just ask yourself whether you are serious about the success of your website. Because if this is just a hobby you are toying around with, spending too much money… Read More »

Welcome to Amanda Brazel SEO Dublin

Welcome to the home of smart social media and online marketing in general, combined of course with the holy grail that being search engine optimisation. If you know that you’re not really getting anywhere with your marketing plan, and you understand that it’s time to speak to some experts to help guide you, then you’ve… Read More »