Are You Making the Same BIG Mistake Many Businesses Made 10 Years Ago?

134945545 (1)In 2001 I started my first business.  This was back in the days when A LOT of business owners took the attitude “I don’t need a website…my Yellow Pages ad…or my brochures…have been working for years.”

I know…that sounds crazy to think about now…but this was a common attitude back then.

Luckily, at that time, I was able to see the power of having a site.  And, because I was “ahead of the curve” compared to most local business owners, I had a huge advantage.  I was able to get to the top of a lot of search engines.  I was able to clearly get my message across.

And, within 6 months, I had more business than I knew what to do with.  My largest competitor even called me to ask what in the world I was doing to grow so fast!

I promise, I’m not saying this to gloat.  My intention is to help you see that a very similar situation is unfolding today.  I want to help you avoid making a similar mistake and I truly, truly, truly hope you will take it to heart!

How many businesses wish they could go back to that time and get ahead of the curve with their website?  Now, everyone is on the web, and it’s harder to stand out amidst all the clutter.

Well, the exact same thing is happening today to so many business owners.  The World Wide Web is transforming into the World Wide SOCIAL Web. 178915467

A lot of business owners are making the same mistakes as a decade ago.  They see that social media is “big” just like they saw the web was getting “big”.  Yet, because they don’t fully understand it, they justify to themselves not getting involved in a big way.

But, the fact is, this train has left the station.  You need to understand social media.  You need to take action.

This is ESPECIALLY true because so many small and local businesses DON’T know what they’re doing when it comes to social media.  They are floundering.  And the very few that ARE doing it well are seeing dramatic results.

That means there is STILL A HUGE ADVANTAGE AND OPPORTUNITY for those that do it right.  You have the chance to get AHEAD of your competition.

I understand this might seem overwhelming to a lot of people.  But, don’t make the mistake of letting that feeling stop you from moving forward and doing what you NEED to do.

Here’s some good news:  I can help.  Contact me at or 919-539-6451 and we can discuss your needs.  If I can help, I’ll let you know.  If not, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing

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