7 Dynamite Posts That Get More Likes, Comments & Shares

Facebook organic reach is at an all-time low right now. However, I am finding that these 7 posts get more likes, shares, and comments without boosting or running Facebook ads. I highly recommend you mix up your content and give them a try.


Facebook LIVE. It’s HOT and it’s getting more organic reach than any other post right now. When you go LIVE your entire audience is notified. Now that is organic reach and vital to your success on Facebook. So, get over your fear, make a plan and start going LIVE. It works wonders.

Native Video. Videos are also hot right now on Facebook. So, what do I mean by native video? A native video is when you post a video and upload it right to Facebook instead of leaving a link to YouTube or Vimeo. So, again come up with a game plan and start creating videos from your phone or desktop. You can make them educational about your products or services, you can make them funny, show behind the scenes footage and much more. Videos should be a major part of your marketing plan on social media.

Motivational & Inspirational Posts. Photos are still king when it comes to Facebook and folks just love to be inspired and motivated in their lives. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about and these posts lift the spirit. So, start getting creative by inspiring and motivating your fans on a daily basis.

Humor is always great. Lately, I’ve been posting funny cat and dog videos and to my surprise, they are a big hit among my audience. Test it out and see what works best. But definitely get funny. People love a great laugh, they loved to be entertained and if this is a part of your personality let it out.

Personal or behind the scenes content. On social media, whether you realize it or not you are like a mini-celebrity. People want to see you behind the scenes and in action. Therefore, you want to make fun, cute, serious or other personal peeks into your life and post them on Facebook. I just recently posted about my new eating habits and that I’ve lost 11 pounds. This was a huge hit and got a lot of organic reach.

Business Marketing and social media tips. Well, I am in the world of helping folks on social media, so I’ve noticed that this is huge and to be honest we are all in the business of selling something. I am selling social media marketing packages to my audience and folks just love when I share my tips, tricks, and educational content. So, take a step back and think about what your audience can learn from you. ***Secret bonus tip, don’t inundate your fans with this. This should be 1 post out of 8 or 1 post out of 6. Only about 10-20% of time should you be posting about marketing your business.

Blog content. Quality blog content also gets great reach. Of course, it has to be high quality and information that your audience wants to read. However, blogging is a great way to get more reach as well as direct folks back to your website.

Remember variety is the spice of life and you need a lot of variety on your Facebook page. It’s a must. So, create a calendar for your social media marketing and try a variety of what I’ve suggested here.

Did you find this blog helpful? Do you know others that would find it helpful too? Then please feel free to share it. I just love when good content is shared. Thank you.

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