6 Major Differences That Stand Out Between Successful & Unsuccessful Business Owners.

differencesHave you wondered why some business owners thrive while others struggle or fail?  Why do some businesses grow year after year (regardless of the economy) while others seem destined to eventually die out?

Well, as a business coach, consultant, and social media agency owner, I’ve been able to speak with and observe hundreds and hundreds of business owners over the years.

And, in doing so, I’ve noticed some very clear patterns.  In fact, it’s remarkably predictable whether or not a business owner is going to succeed.

So, in this post I wanted to share the patterns that just about every highly successful business owner I’ve met or worked with shares.

Then, in my next post, I want to illustrate these points even more fully with some real-life sales figures and examples.  I think you’ll find it very illuminating!

But, here’s the best thing…you can develop all of the patterns and traits below.  Believe me, doing so will serve you better than any specific “tactic” you’ll learn.

Here we go.  Successful Business Owners…

1. They always have the bigger picture in mind.  If you are always thinking immediate return and that motivates your decisions you will more than likely not experience short OR long-term success.  Successful business owners are always looking into the future and see the bigger picture of their vision and what they want to achieve.

2. They are NOT perfectionists. The most successful business owners I’ve worked with are not asking for perfection in themselves or the people they work with.  Now don’t get me wrong, quality is VERY important to them.  However, if a mistake is made they don’t freak out.  They simply correct, adjust, and move on.

Let me put it another way.  You can’t be a “control freak”.  So many business owners paralyze their growth in the name of crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” so to speak.  Take action.  Then adjust accordingly.

3.  They are willing to experiment and try new things.  I can’t even begin to tell you how big of a key this is to your success.  Successful business owners DO NOT think they already know it all or know the best way.  They don’t get stuck having to do things a certain way.  They are flexible and adaptable.  They are always willing to try new ideas, marketing strategies, products, services, or ways of doing business.

And guess what?  This means some of their ideas are going to fail.  So what! Now they have more information on what works, what doesn’t work, and how to do things even better.

Let me give you a bit of an example. When I give a strategy idea or concept to a client, let me tell how the most successful of them reply.  They almost invariably say “let’s do it”.  Compare that to business owners who tend to struggle.  They typically find reasons NOT to move forward.  Or, they’ll analyze and deliberate until the opportunity has passed.

Again, I cannot possibly tell you how big of a key this is.  You have to be willing to take some swings and a lot of them.

4.  They make decisions quickly.  This carries over from the tip above.  Successful business owners tend to make decisions following a certain process.  They simply get the facts, do their due diligence, and then act one way or the other.  They don’t hem and haw nor do they feel they need more and more and more and more information or proof before making a decision.  This one trait means they capitalize quickly on good ideas, where other business owners miss out and then always feel like they are trying to catch up.

5. They think return on investment, not expense or cost. Many business owners I talk to you will balk at the prices for marketing services, ad campaigns and so on. Their only thought is “OMG, that is expensive” or “How much is that going to cost me?”  However, it never dawned on them what the actual return on investment could bring or mean to their business. I think in truth they are either not ready for more success or they don’t believe they can have it.

***In my next post, I’m going to expand on this and take a look at one of my client’s numbers more closely.  I think you’ll find it FASCINATING!  Shifting this one thought alone can make the world of different to your bottom line.

6. They understand how to keep good clients happy and create raving fans. They understand the importance of offering quality services, taking great care of their current clients, and consistently reaching out to them again and again.  There is no greater source of business than recurring business from current clients and the referral business that current clients can bring to you.

***Again, I’m going to expand with some specific numbers in my next post!

In conclusion, our businesses are always a reflection of ourselves, how we think, how we act, and how we feel. This is something I had to learn in my very first business back in my 20’s.  Our results, our successes, our failures, our struggles…it’s all a reflection or a mirror image and it takes great courage to look at yourself in that mirror, admit what needs to change, and then change it.

I hope this article will help you stop and think about what you really want for your life and your business.  Hopefully it will spark some new thoughts that will help you fulfill your business dreams.

Cheers, Love and Success,

Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You