5 Breakthrough Steps to Create Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business!


iStock_000071668377_SmallHow would you like to breakthrough and make significant strides in your business?

How would you like to set down a path that is the ‘real’ and ‘truthful’ way to grow your business without all the hype?

The action steps I am about to share with you are absolutely crucial to creating a solid business with lasting success.

So, let’s get started and talk about what you need to get ‘real’ unstoppable momentum in your business.

Step #1:  Know where you are.  Knowing where you are is the first step in creating unstoppable momentum in your business.  You have to know where you are in order to get where you want to go.  So, what does that mean in terms of your business?

135544276It means understanding your current gross income, your current number of customers, the current number of leads you attract each month, how many of those leads you convert into paying customers each month, and your average sale transaction.  It also means knowing and understanding the challenges your industry faces in today’s market.  Knowing this information and being clear about where you are will help you focus on what to do and where you need to make improvements.

For example, let’s say you are you are great at attracting new potential clients and each month you are able to attract 25 new leads into your business.  However, you are only converting 2 of those leads into paying customers.  Well, that is very important information you need to know as a business owner, because that means you need to improve your sales process or (the way you speak to your potential clients) in order to convert a higher percentage.  (By the way, you should be able to convert over 30% to 40% of the leads you speak to at a minimum if you have a local business.)

Or, let’s say you have a great business and just about everyone you speak with becomes a customer, however you just need to be able to speak to more of them.  Well, then this is when you need to improve your marketing skills and attracting new potential business.

The point is…you need to know where you are in order to know what you really need to focus on and improve.  Business is all about solving problems, improving everyday and growing one step at a time.

Step #1 Action Plan:  Begin by going back at least 6 months and look at your numbers.  Again, what is your gross income, the current number of customers you have, the current number of leads you attract each month, how many of those you convert into paying customers, and your average sale amount?  Once you have all those numbers, implement a system for tracking your numbers more efficiently moving forward.  I recommend that you analyze your numbers on a daily or weekly basis.  This way you can stay ahead and when things are not improving you can make any necessary tweaks immediately.

The other component that you want to be aware of are any challenges your industry is facing right now.  Maybe you are a Real Estate Agent and you are experiencing a much harder time selling homes or you are a Mortgage Broker and facing heavy competition among banks offering lower rates.  Clearly understanding the issue is the first step in coming up with creative solutions.

Step #2:  Know where you want to go.  The next step to creating unstoppable momentum in your business is knowing exactly where you want to go and creating a clear vision.  This step is often missed, but it needs your time and attention.  We often get so busy keeping up with our daily tasks that we forget one of the most important steps, which is taking time to reflect and becoming clear about what we actually want.  160639147

What do you want your business to be like?  How much money do you want to make?  How many hours do you want to work?  Do you want to be able to take multiple vacations each year?  Do you want to sell your business someday?  Do you want to hire someone to run your day to day operations, so you can work on your business instead of in your business?  What do you need to get from this business?  And so on…

Step #2 Action Plan:  
After you know where you are, take some time and sit down in front of your computer or a journal and write out what it is that you want.  You can start by asking yourself some of the questions above.  The key is to be as clear as you possibly can.  Set goals and write down the date when you want them achieved.

I write in my journal, I have my goals framed and on my desk, and I also have a vision board near my closet where I get dressed every morning.  It keeps my goals in the forefront of my mind everyday and it helps me work towards what I want to create in my business.


Step #3:  Know why you want what you want.  Ah, now this is a very important step that usually goes completely overlooked.  You HAVE TO identify why you want what you want because that is what really motivates you and helps you stay focused when things get tough.

There are specific reasons you want what you want and we all have motivations for 170441203making more money and being more successful.  The key is to get clear about why you want it. I want to make more money in my life to be able to provide for my family and because I want more freedom and choices.  That is what keeps me motivated when things get tough or challenges arise.  Because I am sure you know by now, problems and challenges arise almost everyday when you own your own business.  So, getting clear about the ‘why’ helps the ‘what’ happen especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, doubtful, fearful, or stressed.

Step #3 Action Plan:  Get clear about why you want what you want.  After each goal you write out, “because…” and finish the sentence.  For example, I want to increase my monthly income by $5,000 because it will allow me to:______________________________ and that will make me feel_____________________________.  Knowing what you want to feel is a very important aspect to truly achieving your goals.  Be sure to really understand what reaching your goals will do for your life.

I have a goal to get fit and tone my body because I want to be able to play with my kids easily, I want to be able to wear cuter clothes, and I want to feel vibrant and sexy.  Whether your goal is to get healthy or make more money, get clear and know why.


Step #4:  Create a plan or map and start taking action.  Now the fourth step to creating unstoppable motion is having a plan or a map on how you are going to achieve your goals.  I like the word map, because if you hit traffic or another road block, you can change your course.  A map is flexible.  There are a lot of ways to get from New York to California and your plan should reflect the same flexibility.  You need to do what works for you and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

So, you are clear that you want to grow your business and increase your bottom line.  How are you going to do that? What steps will you take in order to achieve that goal?  What do you need to improve?  What do you need to change?  Once you know where you are, where you want to go and why you want to go there, you will have a better understanding on how to accomplish it.

163879885Be as specific as possible when writing out your business map and define what action steps you will take each day to achieve your goals.  Success is inevitable when you do this.  Again, it’s just like losing weight and getting healthy.  What is your current weight, what do you want to weigh, what challenges are you facing right now about getting healthy, why do you want to lose weight and how are you going to do it.  What program will you follow, will you join a gym, hire a trainer, see a nutrition coach and so forth.  You get the idea.  Business is exactly the same way.  You need a map.

Let’s use this simple example to help you get a clear vision of how this translates to your business using my goal of losing weight.

1.  Know where you are:  I weigh 158 pounds.  I am out of shape.  I am currently eating whatever I want.  I try different diets and yo-yo.  The challenges I face is that I am a busy mom of 3 kids, I have my own business, I am married and have a full life.

2.  Know where you want to go:  I want to weigh 130 pounds.  I want a tone, trim, slim and healthy body.

3.  Know why you want what you want:  I want to lose weight in order to be able to easily play and be active with my family.  I want to be able to wear whatever I want and look great.  I want to feel healthy, vibrant, sexy and more confident about my appearance.

4.  Creating a plan or map and start taking action:  My plan/map is to start a new healthy eating program that is easy to follow, is healthy which provides my body with the proper nutrition and I am working with a health coach.  I also signed up for Pure Barre classes 3 times per week.    (I’ve lost 10 pounds in two weeks and am feeling great.)

Step #4 Action Plan:  
Get clear about how you are going to achieve your new business goals and write down daily action steps.  The key here is to take action everyday even if it is one tiny small step.  Keep moving forward and stay focused.  There are endless ways to increase your business and they don’t have to be expensive!


Step #5:  Creating the right mindset.   This is the most important step of all!  It is crucial to have the right mindset when setting down a new path.  Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you can use that tool to empower you or dis-empower you.  I’ve done extensive work on my own mindset and I can tell you it has been the best time and money I have ever spent.  Your attitude is everything in life and there is a saying that says “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens to you that matters.”  Your mindset is what dictates how you respond to everything in your life and that is truly what dictates the value and quality of your life.


Did you know that almost 98% of all dieters either fail or lose the weight only to put it back on again?  Do you know the real reason why?  Because they didn’t change the thoughts in their head.  They didn’t change their patterns of behavior and your patterns of behavior star with the way you think.  Oh, it will be okay if I have that 5th cookie or I don’t really need to know my numbers in order to grow, I just need more marketing, etc.  I’ve seen this time and time again.  It is vital to create a new conversation with yourself as you begin to set new goals and set down a new path of success, joy, freedom and growth.

It is so easy to see, especially after consulting and working with numerous business owners across North America.  The ones that change the way they think change their direction in life.  The ones that don’t continue down the same path and let obstacle after obstacle stop them.  They self sabotage and let their limiting beliefs, fear, and doubt stop them from making empowering decisions in their life.

It is possible, however, to overcome your fear, your doubt, and your limiting beliefs through awareness, determination, coaching, training, and learning new skills.

Step #5 Action Plan: In order to start creating the right mindset begin to be aware of what you say to yourself when you want to create more success.  Are you focused on opportunities or do you see limitations?  Do you tend to come up with reasons or excuses something won’t work? Or, do you tend to see the positive about how it will work?  Start to become aware of what you are thinking.  I’ve had to overcome a lot of limiting beliefs in my life and I am so grateful I have.  My life is richer and I experience more happiness and gratitude than I ever have before.

In order to really create the right mindset in relationship to your business, I suggest sitting down now or as soon as you have the opportunity and go through these 5 steps.  (Wait, has that little voice kicked in already and said, Oh I don’t have time or I will do this later.)  Get aware of that little voice.  This is where the real game of success, joy and happiness is played.

This is your future and I recommend doing something for yourself that your future self will thank you for.  Get serious about making changes and stop making excuses.  You need to take time to work ON your business and not always IN your business.

Read books, learn new skills, take courses, find like-minded people and even hire a life or business coach.  I have invested a great deal of time and money into my own personal and business development and I can tell you it was more than worth it.  I’ve read books, listened to CD’s, traveled the country attending business and personal development seminars, hired personal coaches, taken online courses, and more.  It will pay off and it will pay off big.

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this blog post and I wish you great success, love and joy in your life!

To me, the biggest success in life is mastering oneself.

Thank you for being here with me today.  Feel free to share a flare and help others.  I greatly appreciate you!


Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel





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