5 Steps EVERY Business Owner Needs for More Success…

Ladder of success in blackboardMany of us as a business owner get lost in working IN our business instead of ON it. It’s important to take a pause from working IN your business as a lawyer, a doctor, a massage therapist, a real estate agent, a coach or whatever your business may be, place your business hat on and be a business owner. When you do that your business takes on new meaning and it forces you to look at it with clarity and focus.

Here are 5 steps that EVERY business owner needs to take in order to work smarter, not harder and create more success.

1. Know where you are: This may be last on your list, but it is so important to know where you are each month.

Here is an example of what you ideally want to know: {The basics}
a.) How many folks are calling you or reaching out to you each month?

b.) How many of those folks become paying customers?  

c.) How did they hear about you? 

d.) What is your current gross income? 

e.) What is your average sale? 

Case Study: One of my clients had no idea how many phone calls were coming in and how many patients were making appointments. Therefore, we immediately started tracking this information along with why patients were not scheduling. After we did this, I trained her staff a more effective approach by phone and overnight we increased the practice’s patients by 18%. That meant an additional $36,000 per year to her business. Now that is what I call fast and fantastic growth. But if you won’t know where you are in your business, you don’t know what to work on and improve upon. She just recently had her biggest record breaking month in 4 years. YAY!

2. Know where you want to go:  Now you want to create goals and know exactly where you want to go with your business. Write them down, create a vision board, or do whatever feels good to you. The last thing you want to do is be blowing in the wind when it comes to growth. Know exactly what you want from your business and set concrete achievable goals.

3. Create a flexible plan on how you will get there: This is where you want to create a plan or strategy on how you are going to meet those goals. It’s going to vary from business to business.  Maybe you need to update your website and ramp up marketing. Maybe you need to hire your first or 5th employee that is going to help you get to where you want to go. Whatever it is, make a plan and then make sure you can adjust it. It’s just like driving to New York. There are many ways to get there and you might hit construction, detours or accidents a long your way, so make your plan adaptable and adjustable.

4. Take action everyday: After you know your strategies and goals take massive action everyday to achieve these goals. Break them down into chunks and keep the big picture in mind while you work through each step. This will help prevent overwhelm or abandoning improvements to your business.

5. Focus on your end result: This is key. As you move through your steps to improvement dwell on the end result that you want to accomplish. This lifts the mood, keeps you motivated and focused on reaching your goals.

Progress = happiness and such a great feeling of accomplishment. It gave me great joy to show my client we have increased by 18% and that means an additional $36,000 to her revenue stream…and all we had to do what tweak the way we were talking to patients that were already calling us. Once you know where you are, you know a great deal of information that helps you tweak things so you can achieve your goals.

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Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel

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