5 Reasons You Are Not Achieving Greater Success…Breakthrough NOW!

471047895After working with hundreds of business owners and speaking to thousands you start to see clear patterns of success, struggle, stagnation and even failure.

Here are the most common reasons I see successful business owners reach a ceiling and stagnate.

1. You bounce around from project to project:  You have all these projects and ideas that you want to complete in order to grow. You feel like you absolutely have to get them done and you try to get them done all at one time.  As you work on the project more ideas come up and more ideas come up, however the project never finds it way to completion. The problem here is that you stay in a constant state of chaos and the significant growth you seek halts, stagnates and you might even go backwards. You need to focus on one project at a time and get it finished. Take action and make it fast.

2. You are a perfectionist: You micromanage everyone on your team. You don’t let people take the lead and do their job because you have to double check, triple check and pretty much nit pick every part of what they do for you. Again, this will keep you from achieving greater success. It’s important to hire the right people, place your faith in them and periodically check in with them to strategize in order to make sure you are achieving your goals. Remember your business will NEVER be perfect no matter who you hire or no matter how hard you try.  However, there will always be room for improvement and improvement is definitely possible over time if you allow your team to support you, but you have to let them fly for you. Remember, focus on progress not perfection.

3.  You are a control freak: Ah, the control freak. I have to be honest, but I can relate to many of these and this is one of them. I used to be such a control freak, but I’ve learned to let go. Once you get married, have three kids and a puppy, it pretty much forces you to let go. So, if you are a control freak you more than likely want your hands in everything. You want to do and manage everything. You take on way too much, you are frazzled and feel like you have no one to truly support you. You go behind people and finish their jobs instead of communicating what is needed. So instead of trying to control everything, be clear, communicate your needs specifically and support your staff so they feel empowered. If you are always doing it for them they will let you.

4. You find more problems then opportunities:  Anytime someone approaches you with an idea or suggestion to help you grow you immediately shoot it down or see all the problems instead of the opportunity. This will keep you where you are for sure. You have to be willing to open your eyes, see the opportunity and then act. Problems will always arise no matter what the idea or suggestion is and the key to becoming a super star business owner is to become an excellent problem solver along the way.

5. You need ALL the information before you can proceed: This slows you way down and you miss huge opportunities all the time. The important thing to understand here is that you can’t possibly know everything nor can you predict or see everything down the road. You have to read the situation, trust your gut and then make a quick decision in order to prosper. Some things will work out and many won’t, but if you don’t jump in quickly you will miss your opportunity and never know or grow.

The truth is many business owners reach a ceiling of success.  I saw this with my own mother. She was one of the first licensed day care providers in the state of New York back in the 80’s. She was awarded and recognized by both the governor and mayor of New York. She was sought after by many for teaching, consulting and more. One day a man approached her and said, “I’d like to invest in you and franchise your business.”  This was in the late 80’s early 90’s and a million dollar opportunity.  At that time there weren’t any day care centers the way you see them today…NONE. My mother turned down his offer…she saw all the problems and not the HUGE opportunity right before her even though that is what she kept saying she wanted.  You see success was hers, she had been building for years and years, but even though she said she wanted more she hit the ceiling of her own mindset.  She later had excuse after excuse about why she couldn’t create more success.  But, the honest truth was it was her fear and a her limiting mindset.

So, if you truly want more success in your business get serious with yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and get honest. What is holding you back? Are you the perfectionist? Are you the micromanager?  Are you maybe all 5?  It’s nothing to feel badly about; it’s an opportunity to grow and become more.

Wishing you greater success. I believe in you!

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel

Amanda Brazel

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