5 Digital Marketing Mistakes and Solid Solutions for Small Businesses!

dm-mistakesHave you ever watched someone in public just walk right over money and not even see it? I watch business owners do this every single day when it comes to their current and potential clients/patients and these are usually the same business owners that are always singing the blues that they want more business.

So, today I want to remind you of several mistakes you might be making in order to shake things up. This way you can get your focus back on track and start generating revenue for your business.

Digital Marketing Mistake #1: You don’t consistently email your current clients. Honestly I still can’t believe that in 2014 local businesses are still not cultivating a consistent relationship with their current clients via email. Many businesses don’t even collect emails. It truly blows me away and these are usually the same businesses that want more business, but they don’t commit or make the time to invest in this part of their business.

Obviously this is a huge mistake. Let’s look at this way, if you already have clients then you have revenue right in the palm of your hands.  It’s much easier to acquire more business or repeat business from a current client than it is from a new one.

Now if you happen to be one of those businesses that have very high dollar clients/patients like Contractors or Plastic Surgeons, and your clients only use you once or twice in a lifetime…these clients are the best form of marketing you could ever have. Invest in getting video testimonials and providing them with additional information that helps your business stay on the forefront of their mind so they will refer you. A well taken care of client can be worth $20,000 or more of free advertising, so don’t waste it.

Solutions: Email your clients at least once a month with valuable information about your industry. Give them something that will help them, don’t just pitch to them or ask them to buy from you. Ick, that is just tacky.  Also, don’t just send specials.  Give them value, show them you care, help them with other problems they might be having in relationship to their problems.

For example, one of my clients is a Psychiatrist and each month we send a monthly newsletter with very valuable information on various topics. We aren’t just asking their patients or contacts to make an appointment and spend money with them.  We give value and we show them that we truly care about them.  ***One more note here….please don’t convince yourself that you have no time to do this. You do have time and if you still feel that you don’t, either find it or hire someone to help you.  This is imperative for a thriving business.

Digital Marketing Mistake #2:  Your brain convinces you that other tasks in your business are more important. We all do it, but some take it to the extreme and they get all wrapped up in tasks that really never get you ahead. The key here is to stop doing that. If you can pay someone $10-$15 an hour to do the work you are getting caught up doing in your business, you need to stop immediately and either delegate or hire someone.

Your work should be focused on $1000 an hour work and that my good friend is writing emails that enrich the lives of your clients or hiring someone that is highly talented in this arena. Think about it, if you sit down for an hour and write a useful and helpful email to your current clients or patients along with an invitation to reach out to you for services then you are doing $1000 an hour work in that moment. However, on the contrary if you are filing paperwork or twiddling your thumbs doing busy work you are getting no where.

Solutions: It’s so important to change your mindset, stop the excuses and delegate, so you can focus on bringing in real business. STOP THE MADNESS OF BUSY WORK AND RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN! Hire a virtual assistant, hire someone local that can help you part-time until you can hire someone full-time, ask your spouse to help out a little, plan your day better so you are more focused on money making tasks and work on your business instead of always in it. You can do it.

Digital Marketing Mistake #3: You only email your clients when you want business. Recently I had a client that just couldn’t grasp this concept and all he would do is email his clients his latest special or ask them directly for business. This sends a very clear message and that message is that the business owner only cares about the business owner. You need to stop only sending marketing emails and send emails of value that enhance the lives of your clients or patients.

For example, my team and I write a monthly newsletter for one of our clients that happens to be a doctor.  Each month like clockwork their clients receive an email on the 1st of each month. In their monthly newsletter they receive fresh and current information.  We share important practice news that they need to be informed about along with a cheerful and warm message.  They also receive helpful articles that enrich their lives as well as the lives of their family. In addition to those articles we have buttons that are linked to their website for more information, or to schedule an appointment and each and every month folks click that button and schedule an appointment.

Solutions: So, if you truly want to create an amazing business that keeps giving and giving to you then you need to also give to your clients and patients.  This means adding value to their lives instead of just always asking them to come in and spend money. So, start thinking about ways that you can give back while also reminding them of your helpful services.

Digital Marketing Mistake #4: You don’t have any way to capture emails on your website. In today’s digital era it is crucial that you offer free reports, free e-books or white papers that inform your potential clients or patients as well as help you generate quality leads. So many folks are still not taking advantage of this awesome lead generator.

Think about it, you’ve worked hard to get traffic to your website and you might have even paid good money to do so, but you don’t have a clear call to action that will get them going from a cold lead to a very warm one. Yes, you might have a section that says enter your email for a consultation or to have a question answered, but you are missing the fact that people will give you their email in exchange for very valuable information even if they are not quite ready for that consultation yet. They might just be intrigued at the moment and are thinking about it.  When generating reports or free e-Books for potential clients/patients, this enables you to then start building a quality relationship with a new potential clients or patients.

The truth is that someone might be interested in your services, but they are not quite ready to by yet. For example, someone that is interested in plastic surgery usually takes up to 7 years before they actually have that surgery performed. That is a lot of years and in those years as a plastic surgeon you could be cultivating a relationship with this person by sharing valuable information with them on a monthly basis about the procedure they need, the costs involved, the financing that’s available, the testimonials that you have from other very happy patients as well as demonstrating what kind of doctor you really are. Otherwise they are probably going to keep looking around until they are absolutely sure they are ready and you might be out of their mind by then.

Solution: So, go beyond the common email request for a consultation and create a free and detailed guide or report in respects to what you offer and then consistently connect with those folks that have given you their email.  Once you get that email you can create an automated sequence that emails them once a month or even once a quarter. This is a fantastic way to continue the relationship.

Still not convinced this is worth your time and effort…let’s do a little math to illustrate the power of this. Let’s say over a seven year period a plastic surgeon collect 500 emails that is roughly 71 emails per year (not a lot) and then let’s say that over that time 10% of those folks actually have a procedure done with the average cost of that procedure being $10,000. That is an additional $500,000 in revenue.  WOW!!  I don’t know too many business owners that would shrug off $500,000 in additional revenue. 

Now let me ask you this? Do you think it’s time to sit down and write out that report or hire a professional to do it for you? 

Now for the final mistake.

Digital Marketing Mistake #5: You actually have a FREE report, e-Book or other way of lead generation and you are doing nothing with your list of leads. I see this one all the time too.  The client did the hard work, but they have no automation or follow up system for reaching out to their leads they’ve collected and instead they are spending money on other forms of marketing to get new business, meanwhile they have a huge pile of leads right at their feet.

The truth is this, it’s not the job of the potential client or patient to remind themselves about your business.  It’s the business owners job to remind the potential client or patient. Don’t neglect your leads that you already have and keep looking in other places for business.  That is like having a stocked refrigerator of food and saying you have to go out and find new food to eat or you’ll starve. That makes 0 sense as you can see. So, if you do have a huge or even small pile of leads, create a strategy, write out a plan and them implement immediately.

Solution: Create an automated sequence and set that up in your email campaign manager so you are consistently interacting with your clients. It’s imperative.

I hope you found this blog article helpful and if you did please feel free to share a flare with your network.  I know everyone in business is always looking for more business and this is a very solid way to do it.

Also, if you need help with your digital marketing strategy please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you thrive!

Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel, Social Media Marketing


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