5 Crucial Reasons it’s Time for a New Website

You only have 5-8 seconds to grab the attention of someone that visits your website. That’s it. Can you believe that’s all the time you have to grab someone’s interest? Well in today’s world people are inundated with digital messages and people need clear concise messages that grab their attention in order for them to keep reading. That is why today I am going to talk about the 5 crucial reasons for updating your website now.

Reason #1: It’s Outdated. Your website is very outdated and you probably created it 5 or more years ago. The digital world changes fast just like the fashion industry changes fast and what’s in style and attractive to the eye changes quickly. That is why it is super important to have an updated look that is fresh, crisp, clean, grabs the eye and is stylish.

Reason #2: You Have a Pre-Made Website. Maybe you are a real estate agent or mortgage broker and you were given a stock website from your firm. The price might be great, but you are definitely not branding YOU. You blend in with all the other real estate agents or mortgage brokers out there and as I said, you are not branding YOU you are actually branding your firm or company instead. It’s recommended that today you have your own WordPress website.

Reason #3: Your Website is NOT Mobile Friendly. People are using their phones all the time and most searches are done from a smartphone these days, so it’s super important that your website is mobile friendly. It’s also important to have a mobile-friendly website for Google searches. Google is now giving search engine priority to mobile-friendly websites over websites that are not mobile friendly. So, again here’s another reason to take your website to new heights.

Reason #4: You Don’t have Blog: Search engines love websites that are updated frequently and audiences LOVE additional information. They want more information than what you have on your website. They want to learn about your business, they want to learn about you and your blog says a great deal about you as a business person as well as establishes you as an authority in your niche or field. So a blog is a must-have. (Wix, Weebly and other plug and play websites don’t have access to a cohesive blog that is WordPress based. Again, another reason to get your website into WordPress.)

Reason #5: You Don’t have a Free Report or Opt-In: Are you capturing leads? Email leads? It’s so important to have a free report about your industry that pulls in your potential audience, sets you apart from your competition and gives great information in exchange for an email.

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Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You