30 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success for Your Business…

1. Write a matching and dynamite bio or about section on all your social profiles.

2. Invest in professional head shots for your profile photos and use the same one across all your profiles for easy brand recognition.

3. Place your website or landing page URL in your bio or about section in all your social profiles.

4. Develop a four prong strategy: 1. Grow your fans/audience. 2. Get your fans engaged. 3. Drive traffic to your website. 4. Increase your revenue with social media as a marketing vehicle.

5. Create a scheduling calendar for all your profiles. This will make posting much easier.

6.  Invest in a social media dashboard to schedule and manage all of your profiles and analytics.  I’ve used many different software programs and I find Sprout Social to be the easiest to use, has great reporting,and even has an amazing Free App that you can use on the go.  Sprout Social has a 30 day free trial and then a low monthly fee. 

7. Post 3-12 times per day on Facebook.  (First, know the best social media channels for marketing your business.) 

8. Post 3 times per day on LinkedIn.

9. Post 12-14 times per day on Twitter.

10. Post 3-4 times per day on Instagram.

11. Post 3-4 times per day on Google +

12. Check in at least three times a day and respond to your engaged fans.

13. Post a variety of content to engage your fans and followers.

14. Write at least 1 blog per week. Pick a day and time.  Be consistent.

15. Be consistent across all social channels. Your fans are not going to engage with you if you are inconsistent with posting content and engaging.

16. Build partnerships with other like minded and complimentary businesses.

17. Share content from other complimentary businesses and build business relationships. If you give you will also receive.

18. Get creative, think outside the box and have fun with your social marketing.

19. Understand what your brand personality is and make sure your image reflects this.

20. Follow the right people and they will more than likely follow you.

21. Create marketing campaigns once a month or once a quarter around a special event, course, webinar, new product etc.

22. Know your top 5-10 hashtags and use them appropriately.

23. Treat each social network different. So, don’t schedule a post and then send it to all your networks.  Craft each post separately.

24. Use metrics and reporting to measure your progress and make adjustments.

25. Advertise your social media profiles offline on business cards, brochures, signs, events and more.

26. Optimize your website and place your social profile icons in a prominent place, so folks can connect with you socially.

27. Install social profile plugins on the right side of your blog page.

28. Send an email periodically and invite all your clients and/or potential clients to follow you on one social network at a time and offer an incentive or gift for doing so.

29. Read blog posts and other articles about how to market your business using social media.

30. Take an online social media marketing course.  This will help you dramatically.

Do you know other business owners that could use these tips to help them grow?

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You