3 Killer Secrets That Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Website!

154081787I love Twitter for so many reasons and one big reason I love Twitter is that it is a great resource for driving traffic to your website.  Here are my 3 killer secrets that work like magic and will drive crazy traffic to your website.

Killer Secret #1. Post 12-14 times per day. I know that might make your hair stand on end, but it’s the truth. Facebook is like the suburbs and Twitter is like the city. It moves super fast and if you are only posting a few times a day you are not going to get noticed at all.  With that said, those tweets do not have to always be your own content, but at least 80% of it should be. My tweets consist of blog articles I write, blog articles from others as well as inspiration for my audience.  Mix it up, plan it out and you will have much better success.

Killer Secret #2. Get Noticed. In order to get noticed on Twitter you have to stand out and that means using photos in your tweets (not all the time), but make sure you use Twitter sized photos throughout your day in order to get your blog articles noticed, clicked on, read and then retweeted. Photos work like a charm because ultimately visuals rule in social media. Humans like eye candy and it grabs our attention especially in the busy city of Twitter.

Killer Secret #3. Build Relationships. The only way to really make it in business is by building win-win relationships and that is also true of social media marketing. Find other folks that you love to follow in your niche and share their work. More than likely they will reciprocate and you will get a lot more retweets. Strong relationships are key.

Now in order to drive more traffic to your website you must create your own content that is actually on your website. You obviously don’t want to only share content that other people create all thetime, so if you do not have a blog start creating them. You also want to create content that people really want and need. So, think like your fans and create content that will help improve their life. You will be glad you did!

Have any other questions about the big city Twitter? Please feel free to ask below and I am happy to answer them for you.

Cheers, Love & Success,
Amanda Brazel

Amanda Brazel


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