20 Twitter Rules You Probably Haven’t Heard

Despite being one of the most popular social networks, Twitter is still somewhat of an enigma to most.  Maybe it’s because it seems like the “rules” of social media are always changing. Here are 20 Twitter rules that you should absolutely follow!

1. Recycle & Repeat

If you think people will unfollow you because you’re repeating tweets, think again. Twitter moves so fast that your followers don’t have time to read every tweet so repeat your tweets as often as possible.

2. Vary Your Content

Content is still king and it’s important to vary the content you share. For example, article links are great to share but you shouldn’t only share article links. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

3. Use a Ratio

In social media, numbers are important to determine how your social media is performing. For Twitter, it’s important to use the 30/30/30 rule; 30% original content, 30% retweets, and 30% engagement.

4. Don’t Confuse Your Followers

You’re likely to lose followers if you change up your tweets too much. For example, if you generally post about your business but you start tweeting about a television show, you may see some people unfollow you.

5. Write a Good Bio

Your bio tells your followers who you are. It should tell people who you are, why you’re an authority in your niche, and what your focus is.

6. Don’t Always Promote Yourself

Self-promotion is great but it shouldn’t be your focus. Be sure to tweet content from those in your field or from your colleagues.

7. Be an Individual

Most websites have that little blue button that allows you to retweet content. Don’t just tweet the content automatically; put your own flare to it.

8. Always Read What You Retweet

Don’t get into the habit of retweeting content just to meet that 30% goal. Be sure you read everything you retweet to make sure it’s in line with your focus and it’s well written.

9. Don’t Ignore People

When someone retweets your content or mentions you, do not ignore it! Thank them for retweeting your content or for mentioning you.

10. Shut Down Frequent Retweeters

When you retweet someone else’s content, you may get flooded with their retweets. Turn this off by going to their profile, click on the gear icon, and select “Turn off retweets.”

11. Ignore Spammers

I’m sure you’ve seen those folks who are constantly talking about gaining followers, right? These people are spammers and should be ignored. Don’t follow them back or even acknowledge them if they retweet or mention you.

12. Don’t Stalk

It may seem natural to like and retweet content from someone you’re hoping to connect with, but it’s not necessary. Think about how you would react if someone did that to you.

13. Follow Companies You’re Interested In

You should follow every company you’re interested in working with. You’ll be one of the first to know about open positions, changes, and it’ll help you gain insight into their culture.

14. Use Names

Don’t be afraid to use people’s first names in mentions. You may have to visit their profile to find it, if it isn’t in their handle.

15. Use Emoticons

Communication via text or social media can be misinterpreted but emoticons help get your message across. Don’t be afraid of a smiley face!

16. Don’t Swear

Nothing says you’re unprofessional like swearing so just don’t do it.

17. Be Positive

No matter what’s going on in your life, it’s best to always be positive on social media. We all have problems, but we shouldn’t broadcast them on social media.

18. Use These Tools

These tools are great for helping you up your Twitter game:


19. Use Photos

People love photos, on all platforms. You can use free tools, like Canva, to create Twitter-friendly photos to share with your content.

20. Don’t Repost Instagram Links

If you want your Instagram posts to be shared on Twitter, be sure to create an IFTTT recipe instead of using the original Instagram link. People don’t engage with Instagram links very much so it’s best not to use them.

Now that you have these 20 Twitter rules, it’s time to put them to use. If you would like more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

Cheers, Love and Success,
Amanda Brazel
Amanda Brazel

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