15 Power Tips to Revamp & Revitalize Your Facebook Marketing!

179048564Does your business Facebook page and marketing need a little freshening up along with a big surge of energy?

Here are 15 tips that will help you get momentum and generate buzz.

1.  Update Your Timeline Cover Photo and Give Your Page a New Fun Look.  Be creative and stand out.  First impressions matter and this is your very first impression for potential new fans, followers and businesses. Also, write a description with your Timeline Cover Photo to draw attention to what you do as well as a link to your website.

2.  Update Your Profile Photo: Schedule a day and have new professional shots taken.  This always creates a little buzz on your page and updates your look. Maybe you’ve added a few new staff members to your team, get creative and create a profile collage of your staff together.

3.  Stop Boring Your Fans and Change it Up:  Is your page getting stale and stagnant?  Variety is the spice of life and your Facebook page should reflect that too.  Ask questions, post grabbing photos with sharable information, play games, and have some fun.  Let your imagination soar. Marketing is all about creating momentum, energy and buzz.


“Facebook Marketing is all about creating momentum, energy and buzz.”


4. Implement Video: Unless you live in the dark ages you more than likely have a smart phone that has video recording capabilities.  Start implementing video into your repertoire.  This is a great way to engage fans and create buzz on Facebook. Make it short and sweet; under 2-3 minutes is recommended.  Give a quick tip or share a testimonial or maybe even a funny gag you played at the office.  Show your personality and let it shine.

5. Celebrate a Fan of the Week or Month: Do you have several fans that are more interactive than others on your page? Reward them, celebrate them and this will also encourage others to want to get more interactive with your page too.  You can highlight them by featuring their photo, name and then maybe give them a small gift. It’s best if you can tag them in the photo.

6.  Optimize Your Page and Create Apps:  These are additional pages right on your Facebook page that you can create yourself and help drive new potential or current clients to a promotion, your website, a giveaway, contest, your blog, eBook or opt in list that you have to offer.  They are sort of like mini websites with a specific call to action directly on your Facebook page.  You can share these links repeatedly to drive traffic to them. I recommend utilizing www.TabSite.com. They have an easy to use and affordable platform.

7. Increase the Number of Times You Post:  You might want to consider increasing the number of times you post to Facebook.  It is recommended that you post 3-6 times per day depending on your business.  Some businesses post up to 12 times per day.  The truth is that if you are only posting a few times a week your engagement will be virtually non-existent. So, increase how many times a day you post.  Start with 2-3 and then work your way up.  Experiment with different times of day and see what works best. You will need to prepare in advance as well as utilize a software scheduling software.

8.  Host a Question/Answer Power Hour:  This is a great way to get buzz and attract new fans. Pick a date and time. Advertise it in advance and let your fans know.  Then host your hour of power and answer your fans questions live right on Facebook.  It might be helpful if you pick a hot topic in your industry or niche to help guide the conversation and get things going.

9. Giveaways & Contests:  This is always fun especially if you do it sparingly. I recommend once a quarter and do a fun giveaway. Facebook has relaxed their rules about this quite a bit now, so it is a lot easier to do.  However, it can still be beneficial to use a 3rd party app to help you keep track of your entries and manage the process. Again, you can utilize Tab Site for this type of fun event on Facebook.

10. Partner with a Complimentary Business and Create a Marketing Campaign: This is a great way to create more buzz and attract new fans.  Find a like minded and complimentary business that has about the same amount of fans that you do.  Then decide a fun marketing campaign.  You can donate your services or a product as a giveaway for example.  I’ve done this with several of my clients and this can be very fun and rewarding.

11. Host a Guest Expert on a Hot Topic: This is always a great idea to create buzz and attract new fans. This benefits your audience as well empowers them with lots of usual information.  You can do this similar to what I mentioned above on #8.  For example, let’s say you are a are a photographer, how about ask a makeup artist or stylist to answer questions about what to wear in a photo shoot for families/work professional photos etc.  Think about it, this is what Oprah did this everyday on her show.  You can incorporate the same ideas.  Know your audience, know what they want and then deliver it to them. It’s really that simple.

“Think about it, this is what Oprah did this everyday on her show. Know your audience, know what they want and then deliver it to them. It’s really that simple.”


12. Routinely Ask for Reviews: It is said that 46% of consumers count on social media before making a purchase. So, it might be a good time to make sure you have recent reviews on your page.  Also, don’t neglect the reviews you have either.  If you have reviews make sure you thank the person that took the time to write it. (People do looks at these reviews.  They want to check you out and see what people have to say.) So, make this a regular part of what you do and ask for review love.

13.  Host a Virtual Party: This can be done in a variety of ways depending on your business.  Maybe it’s a meet up or networking event or maybe you have a jewelry or clothing line. Be creative, get folks engaged and then give out party favors for joining.  This could be free information delivered to them by email, a discount of some sort or reward for anyone that buys right then.  The key is to think outside of the box.  Don’t follow the herd and be different.  Again, my motto is that marketing is all about energy.  Facebook is an amazing tool/vehicle for creating that energy and buzz for your business.


“Again, my motto is that marketing is all about energy.
Facebook is an amazing tool/vehicle for creating that energy and buzz for your business.”


14. Be Controversial:  Stop playing it safe and be a little controversial.  Talk about the dirty little secrets in your industry that no one is willing to talk about, or ask deep questions that provoke strong emotions. Most businesses play it safe and that will only get you so far. Sometimes coming out with something big can be the best thing for your business and following.  Yes, it might turn some off, but it also might attract a whole lot more of who’ve you’ve been looking for.

15. Reveal Secrets:  Another great way to engage your audience is to reveal secrets your audience wants to learn. You can do this over a few days time or a week.  Each morning or at another popular time reveal a specific secret.  (Advertise that you are going to do this in advance of course.) Then encourage fans to visit your Facebook page to learn your revealed secrets. You can also invite folks from other networks as well as your email list.

Make it fun, let your imagine soar, be yourself and get your fans engaged. Facebook is an amazing too! Have fun with it and use it to your fullest.

Which tip or tips will you utilize this year?

Cheers, Love & Success,


Amanda Brazel | Digital Media Marketing Done For You